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Saturday, 28 September 2013

September blog round up

The first month of university has passed quicker than ever, and it was a shock to realise that my birthday is in two weeks. It's been a difficult September, but also rewarding; although I'm still stressed and harried as ever, I do feel more prepared and organised, and have a stronger support group than I did when I started university.

September hasn't been quiet on the blogging front either; there's been plenty of good posts this month -

  • The Green Fairy of 'If Only I Were a Goth' posted about her trip to a taxidermy art exhibit, which looked amazing; I really want to see more of a revival in the art, as it can be used to such great effect.
  • Stuck for blog post ideas? Fear no more, as The Everyday Goth has compiled a list of 50 gothic blog post prompts, some of which have given me ideas (though lord knows I have too many ideas to post about already).  
  • I only recently discovered Haute Macabre, which has made me wonder where I've been all my life, as this blog is gorgeous. They posted a nail art collection inspired by the evil eye of Turkish origin, which I want to try.
  • Also by Haute Macabre, they have a feature about the work of artist Choi Xoo Ang (TRIGGER WARNING: artwork featuring body parts), whose macabre yet beautiful sculpture pieces look at the human body and human rights abuses in Korea. Haute Macabre also published an article on the work of Fuyuko Matsui  you should read, because I cannot recommend this blog enough.
  • The Mutant Stomp Friends recently posted about the harness trend that went crazy after the 2011 Alexander McQueen fall show (love that designer), and reminded me that I very badly want a harness of my own to wear over dresses and stuff. Excellent craft project to give a go.

As for me? I will remain busy this month as I'm starting a new block of teaching, but in the future keep an eye out for my Halloween plans, a review of Body Jewellery Shop's products and plenty more. I am so excited for October!


P.s. - If you're looking for something for my birthday, I'm loving the jewellery by Arthlin, who Coffin Kitsch featured a bit ago. Just saying.

P.p.s - Fiftieth post!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Scottish Goth Resources

Due to Scotland not being necessarily as big as some of the cities in the US, it's often difficult for the Scottish spookster to find goth shops and clubs in a new place; indeed, it's nearly impossible in some places (looking at you, Dundee). As a result I've decided to compile a list of all the resources I know of in the main Scottish cities for goths and alternative folks -



Club Nights
Asylum @ QMU, last Saturday of every month.
Cathouse Rock Club @ 15 Union Street, various club nights.
Cryotec @ Classic Grand, first Thursday of every month.
Danse Macabre @ Classic Grand, first Thursday of every month.

Alternative Bars
Nice and Sleasy, 421 Sauchiehall Street.
Solid Rock Cafe, 19-23 Hope Street.

Cyber Alternative Clothing, 107 King's Court, King Street.
Hellfire Couture, 46 Queen Street.
Inferno and Wonderland (same owner), 86 Queen Street and 72 Queen Street respectively.
Osiris, 51 Queen Street.

Good Secondhand and Vintage Shops
Starry Starry Night, 19 Dowanside Lane (just off Byer's road).
Mr Ben Retro Clothing, 101 King's Court, King Street.

Places to Visit
Glasgow Necropolis, Cathedral Square, Castle St (open days and tours available). 

Glasgow Ubiquitous E. Steampunk Society (G.U.E.S.S.) - not a goth society de jure, but somehow filled with goths anyway.



Beauty Box - Inverness Victorian Market.
Far Fetched - 8 Drummond St, Town Centre.


Club Nights
Beat Generator @ 70 North Lindsay Street (various gig nights). 
Distorted @ DUSA, Dundee University Campus, every second Friday.
Kage @ 4 St. Andrew's Lane (various club nights).


Club Nights
Ascension @ Jekyll and Hyde, 112 Hanover Street, every second Saturday of the month.

Underground Nation, 41 Candlemaker Row.

Alternative bars
Jekyll and Hyde, 112 Hanover Street.
Frankenstein, 26 George IV Bridge.

ATTENTION - I will attempt to update this page as and when any changes to the below clubs, bars and shops take place, and when I find a new goth-friendly establishment. Some of these resources aren't necessarily goth oriented, but have been included as they may be of interest.

I currently only have more details for resources in Glasgow and Dundee due to having lived in both locations (Edinburgh is patchy as I usually only get to make day trips there and know little of the clubbing scene, and Inverness I only know about through word of mouth), and hope to get resources up for other cities soon. I also hope to do reviews on each of the establishments and club nights featured below in future, which I will link to in future when completed.

If you notice that any of this information is out of date or have a suggestion, please let me know!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Snot and sneezes, and a blogging update

Whilst I did anticipate the workload on coming back to Dundee, what with being a medical student and all (read; overworked lackey), I'd forgotten the additional time drainers at the start of the year (see; trying to run a society of over two hundred members with only one other person, starting back whilst everyone else was enjoying fresher's week, etc.). Notably, I'd forgotten the one thing the first semester of university is famous for, other than a dramatic rise in fatty liver disease - fresher's flu.

Instead of preparing for the post which I was due to publish on Monday, I instead spent the weekend chugging soup, playing Fester's Quest and hacking up germs over everything in the flat of some other infected friends. However, now that my vocalisations have improved from '90 year old smoker' to 'Marlon Brando at his huskiest' and I'm no longer bedbound pathetically whining for strepsils and junk food, I can actually get back on track with my posting.

Due to the above mentioned workload, I have been planning on changing my posting schedule for going back to university, and I'm currently planning on posting once every five days; I will undoubtedly end up breaking this rule as the year goes on, but I'll work out if this is suitable for me when I'm back in the saddle proper.

Until my next post, have one of my favourite songs ever, by London After Midnight; like a true gothic rock song, it has subterranean roots in punk, the brooding atmosphere of an abandoned cathedral and a dark, twisting melody so beautiful it's painful.

Much love to all of you, and I hope the start of the autumn is going well.


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Outfit Post: A... kimono?

Well, yes and no. This is a yukata, or a casual summer kimono - my friend Andrew (who I have mentioned before) got this for me on his holiday to Japan, and glorious as it is I am still trying to work out how to wear it.

The back photo nearly convinced you that I was competent at folding, didn't it?
I'm still not confident about whether or not I would wear this or not; Andrew assured me that Japanese people are very positive about their culture's clothing being worn, but I would like to do some research before doing so outside my house. And practicing the folding, because dear god dressing yourself is more complicated when you throw Japan into the mix.

When I have finally worked out how to dress myself, I'll likely do a reboot of this with proper styling - until then!


Friday, 6 September 2013

Why do we always make fun of teenage girl's obsessions?

I don't like Justin Bieber. His voice seems out of tune to me, he has a long, long history of acting like an ass and, quite frankly, I don't really get the apparent heart throb appeal. Regardless, I won't mock his followers. Why?

Partially, because they are a force of nature to be reckoned with. But mainly because they have every right to like who they see fit. Equally, I won't mock Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga or One Direction, though their followers are just as obsessively passionate about their respective idol. Some of those artists have put their names behind good causes and have worked hard to get where they are, so regardless of what people think of them (or, indeed, if they are worthy of critique) they don't deserve the over the top scorn that's heaped on them.

You'll notice that all of the oft-mocked artists mentioned have a mainly female following, and I think that that displays a pretty significant degree of misogyny. We're always bringing down teenage girls for what they like, whether it be their love of fashion, their make up (god forbid they apply it a little too heavily or inexpertly!), their facebook posts or indeed their music tastes. We call them vapid and frivolous, accuse them of being petty and obsessive. The artists they like are all accused of being cheap sellouts which no self respecting person could appreciate. This doesn't happen with things teenage boys like, and ignores all the really fucking cool things teenage girls have done. 

I had an obsession. It didn't make me a bad person, and I don't regret one bit of it. Source.
But, you say, these things are ridiculous! How could anyone declare that they would die for Harry Styles when they've never even met him? Or actually enjoy Evanescence? Well, equally the things teenage boys like are ridiculous. Sports fans suspend all rules of social etiquette in the stands and base their entire lives around teams who don't give two shits about them. Call of Duty is a dick swinging rage fest filled with the bottom scrapings of the barrel. The obsession with getting a six pack is laughable. Let's move on.

Furthermore, teenage girls are going through a hell of a time (I would know. I was one). They are shifting from child to adult - both physically and mentally - and have to cope with new pressures from society, from parents and their peer group alike. The teenage years is when people learn to express themselves and find out their interests and passions. So what if they're rather enthusiastic about their support, or like the things that the pop industry spend billions marketing at them? They're already going through a hell of a time, and your mocking doesn't help.

One of the most important things I've learned through being both a feminist and being a goth is that an open mind is the most valuable thing anyone can own. I accept that, yes, some people think the way I look is horrendous and ugly as hell, and also that my particular vein of sex positive feminism isn't agreeable to others in the movement; that's the result of everyone being, you know - different people.

Equally, I can understand how teenage girls like what they do. Does their enthusiasm for boy bands sporting £500 haircuts make a serious negative impact on your life? No? I didn't think so.

So stop telling girls that they are horrible human beings for loving the things they do.


Sunday, 1 September 2013

Wardrobe Feature: Cthulhu necklace

Hello once again - it's the first of the new month, and that means two things; one I have my first day back at uni tomorrow (boo!), and two, it's wardrobe feature time.

cthulhu, eldritch, jewellery, lovecraft, necklace

Strictly speaking, it's just an octopus necklace, but he looks so gloweringly evil that he has to be Cthulhu. I purchased him at Dundee's DoJ-Con, which I attended last year with Ben of The Pop Culture Cynic. He was made by an independent craft business called Sands Engravers and Ironmongers, which specialises in laser cutting.

I don't actually wear this one as a necklace all to often, but I do like wearing him under a shirt collar, as above. In recent years, I've seen a massive upsurge in the awareness of and attention the Lovecraft Mythos, and specifically Cthulhu, is paid; I think it's a good thing, though it's a shame that the other elder gods and old ones don't get the same screen time as the monster of R'lyeh. :P

Are you a H.P. Lovecraft fan, or are you guilty of buying nerdy jewellery and clothing too? Let me know in the comments!