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Thursday, 19 May 2016

STYLE: Work to Play

My time whilst at uni can grossly be split into two main areas - working, and dancing. As a medical student with the expectation of dressing professionally several days a week, I've never really fallen into the classic student trap of t-shirts and jogging bottoms - which is unfortunate sometimes, but does mean I put more effort into what I wear.

I usually don't have the time to change from smarter day wear into dance appropriate clothes, but it's never really been an issue; there's a lot of common ground between my vintage inspired work wardrobe and my 1940s swing looks, so changing up the accessories is all it takes. I've worn this look several times already to the new summer job I've just started (usually with a full vest underneath), and it's been a staple for dancing for ages now. Both the shoes and the shorts were found totally by chance in two separate sales, and the whole thing definitely nods towards my interests in the early 20th century without being too much for for the work environment.

Apologies for the slight lateness of this post - what with the post-dissertation crash and fresh employment, if I'm honest I'm feeling pretty wiped out right now. As great as it is to post weekly, I think a two week schedule is more reasonable for me - therefore, An Honest Drug will now be posting fortnightly.

How do you guys deal with work to play transitions? Have you found anything in the sales recently? Let me know below!


Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Sorry for the brief hiatus, followers - I was working on a dissertation, which I'm really proud to say is now finished! It was a joy to write (except for the bits where I wanted to pull my hair out), but I really needed time off once it was completed; we should be back to normal now.

It wasn't until February when I was dragging a heavy tote across Edinburgh that I realized how much difference backpacks make; asymmetrical weight distribution, such as when you're carrying a handbag, is a nightmare for generating shoulder and back tension - the last thing I want when I'm heading to a three day dance workshop.

There's still a perception that rucksacks don't look good, to which I say - bullshit. There's plenty dedicated minds in fashion out there designing things that made me totally renounce the satchel cause. From cheap as chips drawstring bags like this hologram one - an easy DIY if you're in the mood - to the premium but absolutely stunning Solid Gray architectural pack, there's something for every style and budget.

Breezing around hands-free looks far better than uncomfortably wedging a tote under my armpit anyway.

Hologram drawstring bag - [x]  |  Asos Clean Boxy Backpack - [x]
Asos Leather Backpack - [x]  |  Solid Gray Backpack - [x]

Do you have any favourite bag style? Any recent style revelations? Let me know below!