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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Outfit Post: A... kimono?

Well, yes and no. This is a yukata, or a casual summer kimono - my friend Andrew (who I have mentioned before) got this for me on his holiday to Japan, and glorious as it is I am still trying to work out how to wear it.

The back photo nearly convinced you that I was competent at folding, didn't it?
I'm still not confident about whether or not I would wear this or not; Andrew assured me that Japanese people are very positive about their culture's clothing being worn, but I would like to do some research before doing so outside my house. And practicing the folding, because dear god dressing yourself is more complicated when you throw Japan into the mix.

When I have finally worked out how to dress myself, I'll likely do a reboot of this with proper styling - until then!



  1. What a lovely yukata! I have one that highly resembles yours, only with green and red flowers. I can say I like yours more <3
    I only wear it on special occasions but always with the help of somebody for the obi belt.

    1. Thank you! I am chuffed with it. I definitely need a bit of help getting it back on, but I'd love to wear it for a photo shoot or for a special occasion next year.

  2. good to know that the Japanese are cool with their culture's clothing being worn. I always wanted to wear a kimono but was always worried about being disrespectful

    1. I'm pretty sure they are - I want to do more research on it to make sure I'm not appropriating, but as far as I understand they're pretty cool with it as long as you wear it correctly and not in an offensive/inappropriate fashion. :)


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