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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

STYLE: Vintage Florals

Gosh, I haven't posted an outfit in five months. As a fashion blogger, that's surreal - you must have thought that I stopped wearing clothes. I finally decided this week, after months of camera frustration, that for taking pictures maybe I should just use my perfectly acceptable god damn phone instead; magically, the lack of light was no longer an issue, the photos looked better, and everything went ten times smoother. Sometimes the easy route is the best. 

I haven't shown a vintage look on here in even longer; they do sit somewhat incongruously next to the rest of my very black wardrobe, but given how much time I spend Lindy hopping (and how much I love vintage) it's a division I don't mind. This gorgeous 1940s inspired floral playsuit seems particularly appropriate given the recent Spring Equinox; I leapt at it in a new look sale with the plan of wearing it to dance workshop socials, but quickly realized my mistake of not checking the tag. Never wear polyester at over 200 beats per minute. 

I do get wear out of it however, even if it's still a little cool for bare legs. It's not very goth of me, but I love Spring - it gives me so much energy after sleepy, wet winters, and a drive to get outside and get moving.

How is everyone else finding the change in seasons? Do you have any clothing that you ended up wearing for different reasons than you bought it? Let me know below!

Fiona C. 

Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Inner Decay: Ecstasy of St Teresa pin - [link]  Punky Pins: Black Moon pin - [link]
Little Whip: Trois pins - [link] Wasted Effort: Mystical Pyramid pin - [link]

God knows I've been sticking patches on my jackets since I first knew what punk was, but pins? I could make my own badges. Why on earth would I go buy pins?

Turns out lots of reasons. It feels almost silly to do a shopping feature on such a tiny accessory, but they have a very charming retro vibe, and I've been noticing a lot more cute and covetable pins popping up on my radar of late. And where there's cute there's weird, and where there's weird there's all black versions for the chromatically challenged. A lot of these shops also have other great accessories, and honorable mentions go out to Inner Decay's Medusa and Wormhole patches, as well as Little Whip's very NSFW Try Me Shirt and Punky Pin's Death's Head Moth pin,which I sadly didn't have space for up there.

Are there any pins you want out there? Any other unusual accessories you like? Let me know below!

Fiona C.