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Thursday, 28 February 2013

February Blog Round Up

This is just going to be a quick link round up, as I have work in the morning and haven't really been keeping on top of the blogging!

  • If you follow my tumblr you will know that I am very fond of the Everyday Goth's feed (read: I reblog pretty much everything she posts), but you have no idea how much I love her writing - she manages to surmise the problems associated with fatphobia in the gothic subculture in her post Fat Goths magnificently, addressing many of the problems with beauty standards and the hypocrisy of some goths.
  • Multiculturalism for Steampunk's Art Challenge: Japan. Okay, so this was last february, but I'm ignoring that because I think multiculturalism is such a key concept to steampunk that often gets overlooked in favour of the traditional cogs and victorian inspired fashion. I especially love Miss Kagashi's Bat Brigade design. 
  • While not a member of the Kink culture myself, I love the ideals of consent and negotiation that lies at the heart of the community, and Cliff Pervocracy's post on Getting Negotiation Going is excellent, for both established relationships and those just setting out. Cliff recently spoke at the University of Chicago Sex Week on sex and relationships, which is also surmised on her blog and is well worth a read.
  • Ra's post Porphyrogennetoi on the recent trend of the Byzantine on the catwalk is dear to my heart, being a lover of the near east myself (I never did get the classics out my system). I'd wear the hell out of this trend, if only I suited gold. Sigh. 

And finally, since I didn't do one of these for January, my featured post for last month is Coffin Kitsch's very trad goth club outfit post - I love the original eighties look, and damn she looks awesome here.

More tomorrow, hopefully, with my wardrobe feature post!


Friday, 1 February 2013

Wardrobe feature: Alien Sex Fiend top

Greetings again - it's been a while, hasn't it? Medicine decided that, no, I wasn't allowed to stay in the eye of the storm any longer, and back to graft it was. Anyway, I decided to start a wardrobe feature post, given I've accumulated a few awesome pieces of clothing over the past half year and might as well put them on the internet. 

As the (belated) second half of my christmas present, the boyfiend had me over to his for dinner and together we made this awesome t shirt -

A new web cam is on my birthday list, trust me.

Personally, I adore it and think making t shirts together was an awesome idea (I'm not so sure about the combination of the necklaces now I see it again, but ho hum). This one was done with bleach and a homemade stencil, for anyone interested - results vary with different fabrics, and I recommend doing  a test blotch on the inside fabric.

If you try your own, do show me the results!