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This blog is made of my own thoughts and opinions; it is the views of an individual, not as the definitive voice of any of the disparate groups I belong to. All writing is my own, save for clearly marked guest posts and quotes. I do not use affiliate links or feature sponsored posts on An Honest Drug, but any reviews where I have received free products from brands in return for reviewing them are marked as such; this does not affect the outcome of my review. All brands, artists, and other service providers I feature are those close to my heart, and whom I purchase from/support myself. 

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Whilst I do attempt to use my own images (marked as such - available to use on request and with proper credit) I do occasionally feature those of others and source them when I do. Should an image be incorrectly sourced or you would prefer an image you own to be removed, please let me know either via email or on my contact page

Commenting and Content Warnings

I love the community fostered by blogging, and how much interaction I get to have with readers on An Honest Drug; although I don’t often post on triggering subjects, I do attempt to use content warnings where appropriate to allow everyone to participate safely. If there’s a particular subject you would like content warnings for, do let me know! I reserve the right to moderate comments to make sure that this is a safe space. 

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