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Saturday, 28 September 2013

September blog round up

The first month of university has passed quicker than ever, and it was a shock to realise that my birthday is in two weeks. It's been a difficult September, but also rewarding; although I'm still stressed and harried as ever, I do feel more prepared and organised, and have a stronger support group than I did when I started university.

September hasn't been quiet on the blogging front either; there's been plenty of good posts this month -

  • The Green Fairy of 'If Only I Were a Goth' posted about her trip to a taxidermy art exhibit, which looked amazing; I really want to see more of a revival in the art, as it can be used to such great effect.
  • Stuck for blog post ideas? Fear no more, as The Everyday Goth has compiled a list of 50 gothic blog post prompts, some of which have given me ideas (though lord knows I have too many ideas to post about already).  
  • I only recently discovered Haute Macabre, which has made me wonder where I've been all my life, as this blog is gorgeous. They posted a nail art collection inspired by the evil eye of Turkish origin, which I want to try.
  • Also by Haute Macabre, they have a feature about the work of artist Choi Xoo Ang (TRIGGER WARNING: artwork featuring body parts), whose macabre yet beautiful sculpture pieces look at the human body and human rights abuses in Korea. Haute Macabre also published an article on the work of Fuyuko Matsui  you should read, because I cannot recommend this blog enough.
  • The Mutant Stomp Friends recently posted about the harness trend that went crazy after the 2011 Alexander McQueen fall show (love that designer), and reminded me that I very badly want a harness of my own to wear over dresses and stuff. Excellent craft project to give a go.

As for me? I will remain busy this month as I'm starting a new block of teaching, but in the future keep an eye out for my Halloween plans, a review of Body Jewellery Shop's products and plenty more. I am so excited for October!


P.s. - If you're looking for something for my birthday, I'm loving the jewellery by Arthlin, who Coffin Kitsch featured a bit ago. Just saying.

P.p.s - Fiftieth post!


  1. d'aww thanks for the mention! and Haute Macabre is the greatest site should go through their backlog!

    1. Not a problem! I have been over the past few days - I can't believe how I never discovered them before now!

  2. Thank you for mentioning my post :) And those blogging ideas are a goldmine!

    1. You're very welcome - I love taxidermy! Have to say I've been browsing the ideas myself when I need a few ideas. :P


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