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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

White Snapdragons

I was talking to a friend about my favourite flowers a few days ago (alstroemerias, unusual orchids, and sunflowers - I love irises, but not half as much as how Van Gogh paints them), which got me thinking about what favourite flowers are. In true polyamorous fashion, I love all flowers - there's few I wouldn't decorate my house with - but favourite flowers are something you expect the important people in your life to know. It's a weirdly specific and personal preference. 

Black has traditionally been my favourite colour for flora; aside from the goth cred, they look ridiculously luxurious and rich, even if they are inbred. But this week, in the conclusion of an epic saga that has lasted over six months, John Lewis caved and sent my mother a bouquet by way of apology for the faulty sofas they delivered her. Along with over £1,000 of reimbursement, but I still don't understand how she managed to haggle that. 

Along with some stalk (good), lots of baby's breath (better), and plenty greenery (best), there was few stalks of white snapdragon that are a delight to touch; the knobbly, unopened buds feels like peach fuzz. They're pretty too - a perfectly tapered shape, with interestingly formed flowers. 

Plus, how terrifying are these seed pods? I should listen to myself and use white more often. 

What's your favourite flower? Do you like botany as deliriously as me? Let me know below!

Fiona C. 

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Asking: Amanda Palmer, Queen's Hall Edinburgh 2015

Hello again! This isn't such standard blog fare for me, but I'm getting better at informing you guys with what's going on in my life. Bear with me.

My course officially finished on friday! At least, for the summer. I went to see Mad Max to celebrate, then headed off to Edinburgh to join the long line of awkward and excited looking teenagers attending Amanda Palmer's gig at the Queen's Hall.

I've been a fan of AFP's for a couple of years now; I've not been the most attentive one, and my love's fluctuated over that period of time (most notably when I put myself off her music by overplaying it during a particularly rough period in my second year of medical school), but it's always been humming away in the background. Reactions when I mention this fondness vary from solidarity to ignorance to an eye roll accompanied by the statement 'of course you do' - thanks, Lewis - but it's never been something people are surprised by, not like if I mention one of my favourite bands is ABBA or that I like knitting.