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"Like a trash can full of diamonds."


My name is Fiona C, and amongst other things I'm a medical student, blogger, and artist originally from Glasgow, Scotland. Whilst the long term goal is to get shot into space and become a intergalactic femme fatale P.I., I also have a big love for alternative and underground fashion, the early 20th century, and queer culture; it was this obsession with looking irrevocably weird that gave birth to An Honest Drug (though it expanded rapidly).

Welcome to my blog!


An Honest Drug was founded in 2013, and is a fashion, lifestyle and culture blog for those who find both treasure and trash beautiful. It’s a personal blog, featuring aspects of my own aesthetic, life and beliefs, but also curatorial, with editorials on art, fashion, music, and anything fascinating. It’s also a place to discuss and connect, as I really love hearing from readers. Due to my university studies, I currently post sporadically but often.

If you like eighties postpunk, bringing down the corporate elite, and every possible vision of the past and future, then I think this will be a home from home for you.

"Creative, arty, crafty, and stylish... a genuinely unique style." 

- The Black Rose

"Seriously strange but amazingly beautiful"

- Rebel's Market



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If you are interested in collaborating with An Honest Drug, please feel free to contact me.