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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Dundee Art and Design Degree Show 2015

A quick clearing of the throat to share how I've been spending my time. This friday, I went straight from finding out that I'd passed my exams (huzzah!) to the DJCAD degree show, to see what the art students have been up to for the past four years, and try to avoid spilling free wine on the exhibits.

Warning: images containing nudity below the break. 

Thursday, 7 May 2015


Hand against a white wall. The hand is making the ASL sign for 'love', and holding a dutch train chip card.

Rise and shine, readers. An Honest Drug isn't dead yet.

It's startling to think it's been half a year since regular updates; a lot has happened, even since my last post in January - 'tumultuous' is not an unreasonable word, nor is the phase 'varied and utterly hectic'. But exams are over, I've drowned myself in self love, and I'm beginning preparations to start blogging again.

Make no mistake - this is a promise, not a beginning. Apparently it's recommended to publish regularly in order to attract readers? I can only hope that those who did follow me when I did so have stuck around to see what I do now. I got back from a trip to Amsterdam on Sunday, and I'm currently half way through a two week course in British Sign Language (BSL), so I certainly have a lot to share. I still have no working camera, and my blogging muscles are weak from neglect, but An Honest Drug will return again.

See you soon, comrades.

Fiona C.