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Thursday, 30 June 2016

TRAVEL: Budapest

If my trip to Barcelona last year was defined by the value Catalonians place on their art, then visiting Budapest showed how Hungary can exemplify the best of grandeur and grassroots, and seamlessly integrate both into daily life. With pubs in the middle of ruined buildings a block across from the gilt and splendour of the most beautiful cafe in the world, although its recovery from the past is slow it feels like nothing can stop Budapest flowering for long.

I spent four days and four nights just soaking the place up; it's my first visit to central Europe and it has a very different vibe from the Mediterranean. Though I found that really difficult to get used to initially, I pretty quickly fell in love - Budapest has the extensive and detailed history that is characteristic of the area, and I split my days learning about it in the day then visiting the ruin bars in the evening.

Depressing as it was to return to the real world and wake up to news of a Brexit, I'm really keen to try the rest of the Hapsburg triumverate soon (regardless of whether I'm going to need a visa or not).

Has anyone else been away recently? What's happening in everyone's lives? I've been sleeping enough for three after graduating and moving out and finishing work all in the one week, but I want to know what everyone else is doing!


Thursday, 9 June 2016

DIY: Free printable week planner

If anyone of my readers met me in real life, you'd be surprised by how much of a train wreck I am; I regularly forget important things to do, make myself late, and double book myself constantly. I've got better over the years, but a lot of the classic organisational methods don't work for me; planners sit unused, and you can't make me remember to fill out calendars regularly.

The method I've had most success with over the past year is making an editable combined day schedule/to do list in the notes on my phone, which seems to work purely because how little effort goes into it. I decided however that it's maybe time to take this into the real world, and sat down one afternoon to whip up a week time planner that suited me - and given I know (hope) I'm not the only disorganized mess out there, decided to share it with everyone else.

In it, I've included the working days of the week, two 'to-do' lists (urgent and normal), and a space for doodling - because what's a planner that doesn't encourage creativity? The layout is minimal enough that you can make of it what you will, and not feel to constrained.

Like to download? You can find it in this drop box folder by clicking the image below - just make sure to credit me if you want to recommend it to others!

Does anyone else struggle with forcing themselves to stay organized? What methods do you use? Let me know in the comments below!