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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Snot and sneezes, and a blogging update

Whilst I did anticipate the workload on coming back to Dundee, what with being a medical student and all (read; overworked lackey), I'd forgotten the additional time drainers at the start of the year (see; trying to run a society of over two hundred members with only one other person, starting back whilst everyone else was enjoying fresher's week, etc.). Notably, I'd forgotten the one thing the first semester of university is famous for, other than a dramatic rise in fatty liver disease - fresher's flu.

Instead of preparing for the post which I was due to publish on Monday, I instead spent the weekend chugging soup, playing Fester's Quest and hacking up germs over everything in the flat of some other infected friends. However, now that my vocalisations have improved from '90 year old smoker' to 'Marlon Brando at his huskiest' and I'm no longer bedbound pathetically whining for strepsils and junk food, I can actually get back on track with my posting.

Due to the above mentioned workload, I have been planning on changing my posting schedule for going back to university, and I'm currently planning on posting once every five days; I will undoubtedly end up breaking this rule as the year goes on, but I'll work out if this is suitable for me when I'm back in the saddle proper.

Until my next post, have one of my favourite songs ever, by London After Midnight; like a true gothic rock song, it has subterranean roots in punk, the brooding atmosphere of an abandoned cathedral and a dark, twisting melody so beautiful it's painful.

Much love to all of you, and I hope the start of the autumn is going well.



  1. Haha, it's been going around in my part of the woods as well, but so far I've been able to keep the germs away (and I'm hoping it'll stay that way).

    1. It always happens at the start of the semester - this was just a particularly nasty one.


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