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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Help me decide what to do for Halloween!

Hi guys! Contrary to my usual posts here where I warble about whatever has caught my eye recently, I'm needing some help here. 

You see, like virtually all goths, I love Halloween. As a child I spent the entire month (including my birthday) waiting for it, and did actually scare a few friends with my zealous determination to decorate everything in the house and garden with cobwebs, lights, paper chains and tombstones. I spent hours looking up the most high tec smoke machines and even longer trying to persuade my dad to get them (he wouldn't, but that's not the point). Heading off to uni has not dampened my spooky spirit, and I have a few options for parties to attend, but this year brings an additional problem - I don't know what to wear.

Yup, it's only August. The more sane of you are probably wondering why I can't just wait until the season and think about it then. But last year I had my halloween costume organised in May.

And a damn fine Princess Mononoke I was too.
It's painful to have left organising my halloween costume so late in the year, but I've not really had any flashes of brilliance on deciding what my costume is going to be (well, I have one very neat suggestion, but I'm not certain if it will work yet). Whilst I'm open to the traditional guises, having done witch, vampire and cat in the past, I have no intention of picking up a ready made halloween costume, considering how shoddily they're made, and I'd be keen to try a more original idea.

Ideally, I'd like something a little nerdy, which might require people to ask what/who I am, but outlandish and strange enough that I still feel like I'm dressing up. Coffin Kitsch did an amazing costume of Lucy from Dracula which is exactly the kind of thing I have in mind, but something I didn't steal from someone else would be grand. ;)

So I am forced to ask you, lovely readers - what do I go as for Halloween? I need help FAST.



  1. Dee Vasquez from Ace Attorney? She's a pretty classy looking :)

    1. Oh man, she is. :O I'll keep her in mind!


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