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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Interior Design: Dorm Room Plans

I'm about to head back to Dundee - It's been a strange an unusual summer, but not an unpleasant one. Given uni has been fast approaching and I've been missing friends, I figured during August that I should start thinking about my dorm room.

As you can see in the photo of a typical bedroom, it's not really ideal for a number of reasons - on top of the usual 'no blue tack, no pins and no changing the furniture' rules, I have very few shelves and drawers, the under-bed storage isn't easily accessible and - most irritatingly - the pin board is tiny. On the plus side, unlike last year I have all the room in the world for REM starfishing and a bedside table, so there are some benefits with the room. I plan on testing the under bed storage when I get there and working out a way to get another pin board in without breaking the rules, but until then I'll have to think of new ideas on what to do.

Source. Perhaps something like this in black for holding note cards?
As well as working around the problems created by the new abode, I need to consider what I had trouble with in the old one. Whilst I think I have more desk space than before, last year it did get horrendously cluttered, and I need a better filing system than before to help organize myself. For this purpose I got myself this beaut earlier in the summer whilst in the Inverness TK Maxx -

I genuinely asked my mother whilst in there if she thought they would have halloween stuff in. In July. Wishful thinking.
Also for the purpose of organising myself, this roof slate was scavenged from our garage for use as a ready made chalk board for my to do list. In theory, this should remind me to complete the tasks. In theory.

I intend to swap out the string for twine when I next go get craft supplies.
 I was planning on doing more craft projects over August, but something both fabulous and horrible happened; I got a job. This was great, as I earned my keep, but on the other hand the shifts were very unsociable hours and incredibly physically demanding. The time I did get off was spent mostly sleeping, so all time for making various trinkets and whatnot was swallowed up. Having trawled the Everyday Goth's post on goth dorm DIY ideas, I have plans for making a spiderweb rug and cushion, as well as one with a line from my favorite characters in Macbeth, 'something wicked this way comes' (perhaps similar to this?) possibly using potato print. Don't think I'll be able to finish all that in the two days before I leave, but I intend on giving it my best shot.

Of course, my room wouldn't be complete without a little bit of customary clutter to start me off, and for that purpose I got some various gem stone pieces from the Orcadian Stone Shop in Golspie whilst on holiday (above - quartz pendant, stone skulls and selenite tower). My brother was also in Florida this summer, and got me two presents -

He went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and all he got me was this actually quite nice quill pen and a Jack Skellington plushie.
As well as this, I'm asking for a bedside light for my birthday, and perhaps a rug if I don't get around to making one. Although I often strive for minimalism in interiors, as in small spaces such as dorm rooms too much decor can be overwhelming, I aim to make my room look as 'me' as possible.

I plan on posting photos of my room when I have it set up and running (which should be sometime after this next week, I think), so until then!



  1. I agree that dorm rooms can be pretty crowded but you can really make it more you with little things that "scream" just that. ^^

    1. Yeah, it will be a tricky balance getting it right (especially considering just how good I am at making mess!), but I'll give it a shot either way :)


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