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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Outfit Post: Parade Wear

Warning - you guys have probably seen this post before! Blogger somehow managed to delete the original, irritatingly, so I'm redoing it so that it's not lost to the ether.

I blogged a while back about attending the West End Festival Mardi Gras (here) with my mum, which was an amazing day out. Given it was straight after Red and Black week, however, I didn't want to overdose on the outfit posts, and so saved posting this for a while afterward.

Recreated here, as the full length photo from the day didn't turn out well.
Oh man. You guys haven't been subjected to my shorts obsession. Whilst I wear a lot more skirts since I started university, shorts are the one thing I won't give up. You can jump over fences, climb trees, run for the bus... and avoid flashing your knickers (something I'm bad for). I will be buried in a pair of shorts.

This is a slightly dressier (as a result of the poofy hair, the tights and my favourite t shirt) version of my usual shorts and a top combo, and I have actually worn it on nights out once or twice (I think I wore it to a Damned gig last Christmas?) with slightly more elaborate make up. Whilst I love piling on the layers and details with clothes, simplicity tends to be at the heart of most of my outfits.

There's just something about ripped tights.

Top: Gift
Shorts: River Island
Necklaces: gift (ankh) and DIY (choker)
Hair clip: Claire's, in the post Halloween sales
Tights: hand ripped
Boots: Office, in the post Christmas sales

So overall it was a pretty cheap and ethical outfit. :)


P.S. Fortieth post!


  1. Love your ripped tights! (:
    Nice blog, dear! I'm following you!

    1. Thank you! I don't know if you've had a problem or not, but I'm not seeing you on my followers list? Send me an email if there's something I can sort out.


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