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Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Hey all! This week has been a really busy one, so I'll keep this short. Even with impromptu dance events and the home stretch on my dissertation, I've been reading a lot of interesting pieces on the web, which you can see below -

  • Though I'm really quite new to the world of corsetry, I found this piece of research on Foundations Revealed illuminating about how personalized the perfect corset is. Get properly fitted!
  • The title of this article immediately made me react, but on further reading I actually absolutely agreed with Liz Kessler's argument in Why I don’t believe in “self care” (and how to make it obsolete). Too often consumerism is conflated with self care in a really damaging way, and relying on one another is a far more valuable tool than mainstream culture wants us to acknowledge. 
  • On a similar intersection of politics and health, this article on why therapists should talk politics really hit home for me. As a doctor, I'm going to be seeing the effects of capitalism first hand, and I think it's important to take that into my own practice. 

Just in case you missed it, I posted an outfit featuring my spring favourites last week, and announced that I'll now be putting up a new post every Wednesday! For some reason this inspired decision came three weeks before my dissertation is due, but now I've announced it it's going to happen (imminent deadline or not).

What has everyone else been reading? Has anyone been doing anything cool this April? Let me know below!


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