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Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Sorry for the brief hiatus, followers - I was working on a dissertation, which I'm really proud to say is now finished! It was a joy to write (except for the bits where I wanted to pull my hair out), but I really needed time off once it was completed; we should be back to normal now.

It wasn't until February when I was dragging a heavy tote across Edinburgh that I realized how much difference backpacks make; asymmetrical weight distribution, such as when you're carrying a handbag, is a nightmare for generating shoulder and back tension - the last thing I want when I'm heading to a three day dance workshop.

There's still a perception that rucksacks don't look good, to which I say - bullshit. There's plenty dedicated minds in fashion out there designing things that made me totally renounce the satchel cause. From cheap as chips drawstring bags like this hologram one - an easy DIY if you're in the mood - to the premium but absolutely stunning Solid Gray architectural pack, there's something for every style and budget.

Breezing around hands-free looks far better than uncomfortably wedging a tote under my armpit anyway.

Hologram drawstring bag - [x]  |  Asos Clean Boxy Backpack - [x]
Asos Leather Backpack - [x]  |  Solid Gray Backpack - [x]

Do you have any favourite bag style? Any recent style revelations? Let me know below!



  1. i still like the holograms stuff. may the trend never die!

  2. I like little backpacks, never been a fan of big ones! I feel like a backpack should still have some style to it! Good finds!

    1. Frustratingly, I actually now need a bigger backpack for travelling, which immediately means extremely boring looking hiking rucksacks and not much else. Still, at least I still get great normal sized ones!

  3. I still associate backpacks with high school which is probably why I'm hesitant to use them. Maybe I'll have to give them another try.

    1. I did too - all I could think of were those jansport ones everyone wore at one point. Mercifully, there's more to backpacks than that, or I would have given up.


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