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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

STYLE: Spring Favourites

A quick note: as you may have noticed, I'm posting a lot more regularly now; I'm happy to announce that An Honest Drug will feature a new post every Wednesday! I'm not certain how this is going to go, but I'm enjoying writing again, so let's continue in the spirit of Miss Addams herself.

My kingdom for a pussybow blouse. I've become obsessed with accumulating as many of these as possible, as they're the only sleeved tops I actually like wearing (90% of my wardrobe is vests and tank tops) - everything else just irritates the hell out of me. I was actually going to put a waist belt over the top of the whole thing, but nothing ended up looking right? Draped silhouette it is!

This outfit is full of things I've been totally unable to stop wearing; the blouse, my wife brimmed hat and these DIY Quartz hoops. I've had awful luck with earrings over the past year; I lost half of my favourite pair of vintage clip ons at a party, one of a pair of moon earrings I made on the way to coffee with a friend, and one of these. Thankfully, though I haven't found the right materials (yet) to remake the moon earrings, I managed to whip up a new set of these, and I've been wearing them constantly since spring started - apparently Spring really makes me want to wear pink? I think it's the cherry blossom.

My daily outfits feature a lot of similar looks to this, and it's nice to have a uniform. I feel like the Internet is grossly oversaturated with the witch aesthetic now, which I partially blame on brands trying to cash in... But I still like it. It's a more grown up and refreshing take on goth, and the occult is an area I really enjoy researching - so those elements appeal to me. Plus, there's a lot of variability in the silhouettes and looks within it; I don't get bored.

How do you feel about the popularity of witchy styles? Is there anything you're really enjoying wearing right now? Comment and let me know below!



  1. Lovely outfit, the braids are cute!

  2. Hmmmm I think I missed this post! You look great!


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