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Friday, 16 May 2014

Why I Wear Black

  • It doesn't show stains.
  • It instantly gives an air of professionalism.
  • I don't get distracted by colour or pattern when shopping, and get to focus instead on the quality of the cut and fabric.
  • Blue jeans make me uncomfortable.
  • A monochrome wardrobe means I get to be lazy when picking what to wear in the morning; I don't have to worry about the extra dimension more shades add. Everything matches.
  • It has a longevity and timelessness which bright colours and prints don't. You can instantly tie a print to a specific time or trend, and like Ivania Carpio of LOVE AESTHETICS (who partially inspired this), I lose interest.
  • I like the associations of black. Obviously.
  • Washing is far easier.

I get a lot of grief from friends and family for wearing such a dark and moody wardrobe, but I love it; without the need for work clothing (head to toe black is perhaps not so appropriate for a medic), I would quite happily eliminate all colour from my clothes, as rather than being restrictive it's very freeing. In reality it's no one's business and a simple 'I like it' would suffice, though I don't usually mind well-intentioned questions from friends, but for future reference I decided to put into words why I like black.


P.S. Big news for the summer! I'm going to trial posting every four days instead of the current five. Just so no one gets a surprise next posting day.


  1. I myself wear black, because my idea of dressing is that of a colourblind circus animal >D I really can't see anything wrong with wearing eg. vivid blue, vivid red and vivid green at once - I just suppose they look bad together and that's why I started to avoid colours. Right now black creeped that deep into my veins I feel strange with two pieces of the same colour in an all black outfit. One is fine and desirable, but two are too much. Strangely, such combination doesn't put me off when presented on other people, just like lots of colours in their outfits. Colourblindness, as I said.

    1. I'm similar - I'm not a fan of many bright colours in the one outfit (not that it can't be done!), and the very idea of having to coordinate more than one colour paralyses me with fear. In reality, all goths are just lazy dressers!

  2. yeah certainly practical. Also evil!

    1. I am a Disney Villain, no matter what you saaaaayyy

  3. When I have a lot of black in my wardrobe I can never find anything, it all becomes one black pile! Ha ha! At the moment I have quite a lot of coloured things and I can find EVERYTHING! I do love the style of my all black Goth brothers and sisters though I am happy to be a colourful Gothy faery!

    1. I will admit that this is one of the downsides of an all black wardrobe; on the other hand, it forces me to tidy up my room and stop leaving things on the floor. Silver linings!

  4. Was this at all inspired by my "Motive behind the frills" post? Either way, it's quite interesting to read :) The practicalities of black are something that I overlooked in my blog post, but black is hugely practical colour. As long as you don't get stained or brush up against something very pale or white, dirt doesn't show up as much, everything matches everything else (unless something starts to fade and stops being properly black! Argh! I hate it when that happens, especially when that happens to something that won't take dye when I try to re-black it :( )That link to to the LOVE AESTHETICS blog is one I'm glad I clicked and will have to explore in further detail.

    Can I put a link to this on my blog? I'd like to link to it at the end of my post on why I dress the way I do. I think adding other perspectives would be helpful to curious readers.

    1. No, actually! I had this one written up a good while before your post, but it's an equally interesting post, though more looking at your choices regarding cut and design; whilst I've talked about why I like the stylistic elements that I do, I wanted to purely focus on the colour itself.

      Of course - feel free too. It's always good offering a variant of opinions!

  5. Replies
    1. I appreciate the role blue jeans play in other's wardrobes, and how practical they are... but I just feel so uncomfortable in them.


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