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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Outfit: Noctex Axis Dress

As previously mentioned, I've been experiencing the clothing equivalent of cabin fever for the past month or two, and though I'm still facing frustration getting dressed (and disturbingly discovered yesterday that I have less clothes than Ben) I have some wriggle room now after several strategic purchases.

I've been interested in the goth ninja trend for a while, and found out about Noctex Clothing by Negin Izad via tumblr (obviously). I had to own a piece of their collection from the previous season before it dissipated, and decided on the Axis Dress. Though all of Izad's clothing is very reasonably priced (even with international shipping it wasn't unreasonable) I feel incredibly privileged in getting to support a small designer, particularly one with such a passion for ethical production of clothing.

The dress itself arrived promptly and in perfect condition, and I love the lines and the multifunctional element included (you can see many of the different ways you can wear the hood here); I wanted to do it justice by not over-embellishing it, and decided on tall, military boots and my waist belt. As I go on, I want increasingly to pare my style back to tank tops, shorts and simple black dresses.



  1. It's an amazing looking dress! I love it! It is so flowing, but so structured, and the hood is great!

    1. I love it too! So many different ways to wear it, which I'm really pleased with - I'm trying my best not to wear it every day, but it's difficult.

  2. omg I love love love this. (it's very me...) And I, too, love the goth ninja look that's been popping up.

    1. Haha - I knew you'd like their stuff (we've been overlapping on taste far too much recently).


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