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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Outfit Post: Dark Steampunk

Well, steampunk inspired, anyway. Whilst I'd love to get involved in steampunk (no clutches in Dundee, regrettably) I can't say that I am a well versed expert on it, and thus I don't really have the experience to judge what is and isn't steampunk.

Have a more smiley photo, seeing as I was looking very serious above. The camera makes my conturing look far too heavy.
Certainly, this outfit does have a lot of hallmarks of steampunk; a cthulhu/octopus necklace (sadly not the octopus necklace of Regretsy fame), a neo-Victorian faux bustle skirt and anachronistic military boots. The necklace is one I have blogged about previously here, and was purchased at Dundee Comic Con from some lovely independent crafters.

I don't often wear Victoriana clothing as it's a bit of a faff and isn't really practical for everyday stuff, but it's quite nice to bundle up in during the winter (plus this skirt was a Christmas present last year, so it feels very wintery). And who can resist corset lacing like this?

Shirt: Marks and Spencers
Necklace: Dundee Comic Con
Skirt: Spin Doctor (gift)
Tights: Claire's
Boots: Office

Hair stuff -

 Whilst I can't usually be arsed doing anything with my hair, I don't usually like it down unless it's been backcombed to high hell, so when I'm in a rush going to lectures in the mornings I usually do my hair as above. It's really simple to do, so it surprised me when I got asked how I did it one time. Would anyone be interested in a really easy tutorial for it?

Until then, stay safe!


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