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Friday, 8 November 2013

So I've been busy...

[This is more of an update for why I've been AWOL, rather than an in depth discussion of my situation, but for the sake of anyone who it may apply toTW: discussion of mental health.)

So I've been AFK (AFB, or 'away from blogger', might be more appropriate) for a wee bit now - my posting schedule has gone out the window, and I've not been as active on other people's blogs either. And it's a shame; I love the community around blogging, and it's enjoyable writing a blog. Nonetheless, I've not been feeling like writing here, either being too busy or too stressed or just feeling down, and I've finally decided that I need a break.

Yeah, yeah, appalling joke, but I feel like that's what I need. I'm not feeling the way I should, and I've decided to take some time off to get myself back on track with taking care of myself by eating properly, exercising, doing things that I enjoy and stopping stress and worrying. I'm feeling a lot better just for making this decision, and I've talked to friends who've been wonderful in listening to my woes and pushing me towards feeling better.

Basically, the point of this is just to say 'Hi, this is me again. Sorry it's been a while. I'll be back properly in a bit.'

Much love and hugs to everyone, and I hope you're happy and dealing with the post Halloween blues.



  1. seems like everyone's been MIA lately. well, i'm one to talk. i think it's a busy time for everyone.

    1. Yeah, it's been a tiring time. My health has been bad recently, but I'm back up and running now. Hope you're less busy soon. :)

  2. You do realise that looks like you're thanking yourself :P

    I love you moar than Christmas glitter!!!

    1. Such is life when one shares a name with a dear friend. AND I LOVE YOU MORE THAN HALLOWEEN


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