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Friday, 15 November 2013

Outfit Post: Welcome to Night Vale, with a bit of new/old Goth

Man, I have been wearing a lot of purple lipstick recently. I absolutely love the stuff I got from Model's Own; it's not very long wearing, but the colour. A bit of lip seal, and I'm ready to go.

Blargh, I hate flash. Apologies for the messy room - I was partway through cleaning out my craft supplies.
I really wanted to try it out with a fedora and my blazer, and paired it with my (equally new) spiked collar, docs, polka dot tights and my faithful black dress, which is now falling apart. The result came out looking like a mix of nu-goth with elements of eighties, and a friend described it as 'a gothed up Molly Ringwald'. Ideally, I'd have liked to have worn it with crimped hair, but I had neither the time nor the crimping irons necessary.

Logo by Rob Wilson. Source.

It was also a little inspired by my summer obsession, Welcome to Night Vale - a bi-monthly podcast posing as a spoof radio show from a surreal and mysterious desert town in America, where strange hooded figures gather in the local dog park as PTA meetings open rifts in time and space, glow clouds telepathically control newsreaders and scientists have perfect hair. I started listening to it in July; it's completely hilarious and no trigger warnings apply, so I definitely recommend it to one and all. It can be found on iTunes, feedburner and podbay.



  1. That outfit is totally something I would wear! :) You look adorable!


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