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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Wardrobe Feature: Bat Leggings

Now, I shouldn't really fill the stereotypes. But I do love bats. As well as having several bat boxes outside my house (unfortunately not yet filled), my wardrobe is stuffed full of the only mammal that can truly fly.

And it's back to my horrifying phone photos. :( I'll update this when I get a proper photograph of them.
These leggings were my first recognisably goth item; I bought them in the Glasgow alternative shop Cyber, and though I don't wear them as much as I used to, they've remained loyally in my wardrobe as my love letter to all things small, furry and flying.

Are you guilty for sticking bats on everything you own? Can you remember the first goth item you purchased? Let me know in the comments!



  1. They are so lovely ♥
    Oh, and I love bats too! I have one rubber bat over my bed, a plush one on my closet, a batty garland I bought recently and a vase with bats. And of course a bat pendant on my collar. :D (And I want a bat tattoo...stereotype? Who cares, they are amazing ♥ )
    But sadly I don´t have any clothes with bats, I never saw anything like that around here, but I keep searching :D

    1. Aaah, thank you! I have far too many bat things, both in and out of my wardrobe - bat t-shirts, bat bags, bat necklaces, bats on my wall, bats hanging from the ceiling... it gets a little ridiculous. I'd probably get a bat tattoo if I were to get one, stereotypes be damned.

      Bats bats bats.

  2. But bats are one of the nicest gothic stereotypes, actually :)
    I myself like them a lot. They are so cute, small fluffy mouses with leathery wings - when I see gifs with giant-eyed fruit bats on Tumblr I can't help but squeal. Sometimes from my window I can see bats flying on the night sky and squeaking silently; I also have seen once bat sleeping on the net fence hidden well in the bushes... I stroked its fur gently :D
    But as for decorating my space with bats... sadly, no. I have just one ring with bat motif and that's all. Mainly because such items are hard to find or too expensive - otherwise I'd have tons of them. Like the person above, I'd love to have a bat tattoo - but I'm scared of the pain, so I'll stick with jewellery and, hopefully, clothes. Maybe someday I'll handmade some batty items.

    1. I agree, hence I don't curb my batty urges. :P

      I absolutely adore them - in the summer dusk period when there's lots of insects out, I can walk down to the River Clyde and see tonnes of them fluttering about. Never stops being magical. :)

      Hmm - I do find it difficult to find bat motifs outside of normal stores (excluding Halloween), but it's quite easy to get them online and in goth shops. Maybe a shopping post of the best bat patterned items is due?

  3. Your leggings are darling!
    I'm pretty much a walking stereotype, always have been and probably always will be ;)
    I cover my skin, my clothing, my house and my husband in bats and bat-related items. Hehe!

    1. Aww, thank you! I do love them, though I don't wear them more (they tend to go baggy at the knees after bending in them, which I hate). I love how the attitude of goths is essentially, 'yep, I'm a clichéd stereotype, and that's they way I like it. ;)'

      Everything must have bats!


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