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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The old warm world: 1920s Great Gatsby Night

In which there is fashion, heartbreak and lots of dancing.
Bizarrely, despite studying Fitzgerald's novel for my higher English and retaining a fondness for the decade as a whole, I never really dabbled in the twenties fashion wise. It was partially a belief that it never suited me, having neither short hair nor a boyish physique, but also I just never thought to. When people think of vintage fashion the fifties and the forties tend to spring to mind, and the jazz age is neglected in favour of the current rockabilly craze.

However, I had to put these preconceptions behind me when my swing dance society announced that they were hosting a great Gatsby fundraising night - if twenties was the theme, then by god I was going to be a flapper for the night. Swing dance is something I've been doing since last term, but only started properly this year. I am not a natural dancer. I can barely walk in a straight line without finding something to trip over, have no sense of rhythm and struggle to keep in time. My PE teacher thought I had a motor problem in aerobics. Nonetheless, that's why I decided to take up swing, and it's been going okay so far; I'm not nearly confident yet to go to any proper events (this was mainly attended by those who have never swing danced before), but I'm getting there. And there's no dance I love more than a good Charleston.

It was a good evening; I don't mind normal club nights with friends, but there's something about an event where everyone makes an effort to dress up, there's good music and a opportunity to dance properly. I'm sad that I didn't get a chance to actually swing dance more, but more practice is in order anyway!

Photos courtesy of DUSA.

Make up was far easier than the rest of my outfit, which was pulled together from my staples - simple grey eye shadow and kohl, with red lipstick (in a cupid's bow shape, naturally) was fine, and it was all topped off with a pair of gloves (my attempt at a twenties manicure was disastrously bad), a string of beads and a scarf wrapped around my head. Apparently, despite all my fussing and worrying it was pretty effective, as I ended up winning best dressed! It capped off an all around excellent night.

Just after I won - pictured with the lovely Ben, who actually slicked back his mop and left the nerd t shirts at home for the night.

From a fashion point of view it really made me think about my style; it turns out I actually suit the twenties aesthetic a lot - in the words of the boy, I have an 'old-fashioned face' that suits vintage make up, and I love making the effort. Maybe a new section for my wardrobe is in order? In the words of Fitzgerald himself, "life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."

Stay safe.



  1. Oh myyy, you look absolutely fabulous <3 Such old-fashiond, nonchalant elegance really suits your face. I love 20s fashion and aesthetics. I'm jealous you have such thematical events organised in your city and that the people actually put an effort to dress-up.

    1. Aww, thank you! I adore the twenties, and it's good that I do suit it because I want to wear it lots more. :P

      Come to Scotland - we have all the awesome events! ;)

  2. What a great outfit, congratulations to winning best dressed!!

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