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Friday, 18 October 2013

Highstreet Halloween: Skulls and Skeletons

Is it bad that I half intend on buying most of the items I feature here? I love the filigree earrings, and the Aztec style skull on the Cheap Mondays t shirt, and I've been looking for a skeleton dress as above for ages. It makes me sad how little skeleton hosiery there is right now, though - I would have thought it would be the obvious design choice.

I'm also fond of ASOS' skeleton hand print top and Urban Outfitters' skeleton tank top (I know, I know, but they have some nice things in now), but if you're looking for inspiration for your DIY efforts, ASOS' Skeleton back tee and this 'stay spooky' tank are my pick of the shops right now (though a lot of the other ones I've mentioned look pretty easy to make). Halloween should be celebrated, regardless of one's clothing ethic.


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