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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Wardrobe Feature: Vintage Skirt

It's wardrobe feature time! Since I did a piece of jewellery very dear to me last time around, I figured this time around I should do some clothing.

This skirt is, probably, my all time favourite. I picked it up several years ago in Armstrong's in Edinburgh (From the label I'm guessing it's not true vintage, but it's certainly second hand), and whilst I was initially dubious about whether it would be worth the £15 investment, but it definitely was.

Look at the beautiful fabric!
It's fantastically versatile, and the real work horse of my wardrobe - I wear it for work, when I'm feeling old school goth (as here), inspired by 'hippie goth' (what is the correct term for that?), or with a petticoat underneath. I'm hopeful that it would look good with an underbust corset, should I ever save up enough for one.

One of the most useful things about it is how I can wear it down, as above...

... Or wear it up with a belt. Definitely one of my best purchases. :)

Just out the shower, and enjoying herself far too much taking photos.
I'm always worried that these posts are a little narcissistic, like I'm boasting about my wardrobe, so I'm opening up the floor; do you have a favourite vintage or charity shop purchase, or is there one item of clothing that you've really got some use out of?



  1. Hey, having a blog itself IS about being a little narcisstic ;) So don't worry.

    95% of items in my wardrobe is from charity shops, so it's not hard for me to pick some secondhand favourites, because I have very few brand new pieces >D

    1. Ha ha, true - it is a little vain to assume that the people of the internet want to know about my life. ;)

      That is true, actually - I do buy tank tops, tights and other basics in high street shops, but the vast majority of my wardrobe is charity shop, hand me down or otherwise. I only own pieces of clothing from a brand.

  2. The fabric is absolutely beautiful! I love it worn up!
    Oh don't worry about being narcissistic, some of us actually enjoy wardrobe posts and I personally get really inspired by them. ^^

    1. Thank you! I can't bear to think what I'd do without it - it's definitely love. ;)

      I'm glad to hear it! I always like seeing people's wardrobes and outfits broken down into their separate parts, which was the logic behind my posts, but I wasn't sure if other people would be interested.

  3. Second hand clothes! :D

    Yep, hippie goth. It's a fun style :)

  4. My favourite vintage shop is probably Episode, in Amsterdam. I also went to some really neat ones in Berlin (Die Garage and Made in Berlin - the latter is more expensive, because it's located in a touristic area and not all the items are worth their price). My best purchases are probably a red handbag, which I bought in Berlin at Die Garage and the two pairs of vintage Levi's shorts I bought at Episode. I also bought a 80s does 50s circle skirt at Die Garage, but I need to sew one button back on, so I have yet to wear it. I am confident though, that that piece will also prove itself to be very versatile.

    1. Circle skirts are very versatile; I don't know what I would do without them sometimes.


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