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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Punk's not dead - it just smells a bit: The Damned, Glasgow 2013

WARNING - This post features bad outfit photos and even worse camera phone stage photos, and goes into minute detail about and features some major fangasming over a fairly short gig by some aging punk rockers who now all have grey hair and beer bellies. Proceed at your own risk. ;)

Oh my god, you guys. Whilst most of you won't be aware of this, given most of my warbling was on facebook, but I went to see the Damned at the 02 ABC last night, and it was amaaaaaaazinggggg.

This is a slight deviation from my posting schedule, but I will probably start annoying people if I post anymore about it on the book of faces or gabble about it to my family, so where else to sigh about it than my blog?

First, a bit of a recap -

I first encountered The Damned when I was about thirteen. My gran had just given me a free compilation disk from the newspaper of the best punk songs and artists - nothing terribly special, with the same songs and artists that you get on any punk compilation album. It had The Stranglers, X Ray Spex, The Sex Pistols, Blondie and a few more. Track two was The Damned, New Rose.

The Damned helped me through a lot of difficult emotions and times. Their incredibly upbeat
and reckless sound, and their willingness to change with the times were incredibly influential for me. Whilst I probably align more closely with goth than punk than I used to (but, always, it's a spectrum of a universe!), The Damned will forever be one of my favourite bands.

The last time I went to see them was in the Edinburgh HMV Picture House at christmas, where they were on top form - I did, however, have to take my brother at my mum's request, who's musical taste varies from M&M to dubstep (I'm still not entirely sure if I'm related to him) and who clearly wasn't really interested and didn't think I should be going into the pit (boo!). This time around I was taking my favourite uncle, who hadn't ever seen the Damned live before but was very excited for it.

I love me some shaky bathroom selfies.

 It's occurred to me that you guys have never seen a club/fancy outfit from me. To be fair, I haven't had a lot to dress up for recently, so I might post my outfit soon (though, granted, it's just another boots/ripped tights/tank top combo, with the addition of a leather skirt you haven't seen).

Also featuring new studded collar! Damn, I looked fabulous. ;)
I have new foundation and lipstick here, and it was also the first time I tried the Got2b Glued hair spray for backcombing, so there was a fair few new products tried. The eye make up was a little shoddy and I needed to contour more, but I love the colour of the lipstick so much it makes up for it.

Points if you can name the film.
The big stage at the 02 ABC isn't a bad venue, although as it was a friday they had to close before eleven for a club night - or, as the captain put it, 'five students sharing a bottle of water and an ecstasy tablet'. Still, even if it was a short night, it was so worth the ticket. We arrived halfway through the warmup act, The Velveteen Saints - a local Glasgow band who weren't bad at all (facebook page here - their photo on the 02 event page is hilariously James Dean inspired). Still, considering another of my favourite bands, Skeletal Family, were supporting the Damned in England, I was feeling a little short changed.

Fun fact: I was attending the gig with the man who is blamed with starting the 'Sensible is a wanker' chant.
Still, it was all made up for when the Damned came on stage. I thought they were good when I saw them last year - my god, I was wrong. They came storming in to the sound of Love Song, swiftly followed by Neat Neat Neat, Grimly Fiendish and several of their other hits (I had to get into the pit for when New Rose came on, and got right up to the barrier for Eloise). They also played some of their less well known songs, and their banter with the crowd was excellent.

Oh Vanian. <3 I'd still take you, wrinkles and all, but I couldn't bear to split you and Patricia up.
The gig past in a complete flash I enjoyed it so much. I was worried when they played the favorites at the start that there would be nothing for the encore, but they pulled out my all time favourite, and the best show stopper in their entire catalogue; Smash It Up.

It now being the next day, I can confirm that I am covered in bruises, have no voice and it took me half an hour to wash out the hair spray, sweat and beer - but my god, it was worth it. There's something infectious about the Damned; a fierce joy and an energy that hasn't dulled over forty years and comes out best live. They make you want to get up and dance and shout, and just be happy and alive.

I'll come down from the high at some point - until then, I'll see you for my next post.



  1. Oh I loooove the Damned!! You are so fortunate! ♥

    1. I know! I so can't wait for them coming back in December!


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