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Monday, 29 July 2013

July Blog Round Up

Bleh, this blog round up was a chore. No idea why, as there was plenty of excellent posts to feature this month, but I really couldn't be arsed this time around (even the post image was a pain to do - I eventually gave up and settled for this, but I plan on changing it in future). I'll see how I feel about doing it next month, and see if I want to continue doing the round ups (seeing as I'm blogging as a hobby, I'd rather not make it a chore).

Anyway, onto the summary of the month!

  • Fly, Songbird compiles her selection of plus sized fashion bloggers, and these ladies look amazing. Look Sharp, Sconnie posts on a similar body positive note, addressing size and human bodies in fashion, and how she plans on dressing to make herself happy.
  • Sary Walrus at The Walrus Room wrote about the lessons the be learnt from awesome alternative characters. The quote from Elvira, in particular, is one I've always loved.
  • VictorianKitty of Sophistique Noir posted her club outfit for a dark eighties night, and dat corset. Unf. (I also seem to have a thing for boat necklines? Hmm.)
  • Madam Noire of Make Up Artist Madam Noire posted this night sky lip design, which - as someone who loves night skies - I really want to try. She also did this Twin Peaks inspired eye make up design, which I'm equally fond of. 
  • My friend Ben (from IRL, shock horror) reviews the video game Alan Wake at his blog I should be paying attention to this lecture in what is probably his best post yet. He's only recently started blogging, so be nice to him. (Or don't. He wouldn't be nice to you.)
  • Juliet's Lace has an article on the basics of 50s women's wear and where to buy here.
  • Ms. Lou of the Neo-Victorian Parlour writes about the Victorian fascination with 'fasting girls', and relates this to current diet and body image trends.  
  • A Thrifty Mrs compiles the best summer DIY projects, which can be edited as pleased to match your own aesthetic preferences.
  • I love Victorian Mourning traditions. Gothic Tea Society has written about some of the weirdest ones here, including post mortem photographs, hair jewellery and coffin alarms.

Aaaaand that's all for this month!



  1. Thanks for the mention! I'll definitely be checking out a few of these. :3


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