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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

August Blog Round Up

It's time for the monthly blog round up! As ever, there were plenty of interesting posts on my feed this month, so here's some of the best -

  •  Ra posted her latest custom corset acquisition, of which I am intensely jealous. It's so stunning that it makes me wonder why we don't use sari fabrics and embroidery more in corsetry.
  • I feel like every time I do one of these things I end up including something from Meagan at Coffin Kitch, but LOOK AT HOW CUTE SHE LOOKS. Here's hoping her move goes well!
  • Frannie of the Curious Professor Z has recently restarted BatFit, and recently posted on her opinions on dieting, and how she want to stay healthy rather than focus on losing weight - something I support far more.
  • Tarot is an interesting art whether you believe in fortune telling or not, and 1666 x 30 at The Mutant Stomp Friends discusses her feelings on the artwork of cards and what makes a good deck.
  • Bane, known for her blog GIY: Goth It Yourself has taken a break from the internet, but her etsy store The Batty Crafter has recently been launched! If you're over state side, it's worth buying some of her stuff for the beautiful fabric.

This is a little shorter than normal as I need to get some packing done, but I hope you enjoy anyway; until next time!



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