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Thursday, 24 January 2013

High street sale recommendations

Just a quick post for UK goths on recent developments on the high street - 

  • Office have got rid of most of their sale stuff (I bagged a pair of real leather knee high combat boots for £50, which I am mighty pleased about), but their stock recently has been surprisingly goth friendly. They even had platform boots in - not incredibly attractive ones, but the fact remains I never thought I would see a pair in a high street shop. I'd highly recommend a look, anyway, as some of it is lovely.
  •  Claire's Accessories, though mocked and loved in equal measure for being an integral part of the 'goth in a box' kit, is useful for basics, and to clear out last year's stock they have started a '£10 for ten items' deal - pretty good, and I'd definitely consider it if I weren't on a strict shopping allowance.


    1. Hey, I love Claire's. :) Occasionally I find a perfect hair flower or fascinator there for a great price!

      1. Oh, no I love it too - it's fantastically cheap, and one of my favourite necklaces comes from there! Around here Claire's has always been jokingly referred to as the first stop for alternative twelve year olds trying out a darker look for the first time, hence the wry comment. :)


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