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Wednesday, 16 January 2013


The sky on campus was very pretty this morning.

Managed to not only secure a library fine yesterday on a book I thought I'd returned on time, but I missed the bus like an absolute tube because I thought I had an entire hour left. Why, I don't know, but rather hoping it was a fluke. Magically the bus gods favoured me and my journey took a fraction of the time it usually did, meaning I was only late for my lecture by five minutes. I also managed to stay interested in said lectures, which was amazing.

The whole Uni is back this week, which I guess means it's officially the new year now. I still haven't got used to being back in a city where it's still freezing even when sunny, which has resulting in me leaving the house with next to nothing on while snow is lying on the ground. I do miss the holidays, partially because I was in Glasgow and with family, and partially because I got to see the boyfiend and other friends. I also got to go to Glasgow's Danse Macabre (goth/disco club night - yes, you heard that correctly), and received tonnes of awesome things for christmas (some of which I might post pictures of).

Still, Monday (first real day back) was good fun; I learnt how to play Magic: The Gathering, look at the heart in a dissection and do ward rounds all in one day. I figured I should keep the blogging up for my first week back or two, but don't expect posts super regularly, because I'm a lazy fucker and tend to be a bit too busy. :L

In line with cheesy cultural tradition etc. revaluing what I wanted to do and what type of person I wanted to be in 2012 (i.e. one who doesn't forget to do important things or neglect friends or have a panic attack under her desk at exam time), I made resolutions just shortly after new year on tumblr. I can't be arsed looking back through my archives to find out what I said, but I'm sure I broke every single one of the resolutions, ha ha.

Thing is, I don't actually mind; I'm a happier person than I was at the start of 2011 (though maybe not after learning about my fine today), and I've achieved a lot in that year. Not necessarily anything tangible, like learning how to sew or keeping up yoga or whatever the fuck I said I would do, but I know myself better got to do lots of unplanned things, like go to a gay pride rally, survive living independently for three and half months, hold a set of lungs in my hands and share a kiss in George Square. Hell, I'm no longer terrified of washing machines. I still lose my wallet and have blue spells and don't get done what I said I would do, but I've grown a lot and am generally more satisfied with life. Which to be honest, is all I really need.

But in the spirit of things, I'm going to make a list of cool things I want to do, because there's still tonnes of awesome things I want to do this year. I think the trick probably is to avoid them becoming unreachable chores and make them fun, factoring in reviews and editions for through the year.

  • Finish my crafts and try new things
Okay, so some things never change. I keep making this resolution every year, and keep putting off doing anything about it. I got a sewing machine last Christmas, and while I messed about on it a fair bit, I never really did much solid. In terms of sewing, I'm pretty much useless beyond basic repairs and very simple projects, and considering all the awesome things I could make, it's definitely something to train myself into; I have to make a list of the projects I want I do, to give me small goals. But first, finishing the massive pile of crafts I've set out for myself is the real challenge.

  • Shop mainly second hand
I love shopping vintage and second hand, and some of my favourite pieces come from there. I've been having reservations about buying things new, mainly for environmental and ethical reasons. This is actually in line with Juliet's Lace's Three Month Shopping Ban, though I'm being a bit more relaxed as my wardrobe still has a bit of space.  While I don't think I can get everything second hand - some wardrobe basics such as vest tops will probably have to be bought - I'd definitely like to try being a bit greener.

  • Write a daily to do list
This is something I've been doing for a while, actually, and would definitely recommend. I keep two to do lists - one a comprehensive list, the other my list for the day. The latter only has three items on it - depending on how much you feel you can get done in a day this might differ, but be reasonable. By the end of the day you should have completed the list, and you can write a new one for the morning. It's kind of anal and probably a bit ridiculous, but it helps focus me for the day and not forget anything - plus it's quite satisfying when you've finished everything.

  • Learn actual cooking, not pot noodle cooking.
I am a student. I live off pasta and rice. Nothing more needs to be said.

  • Hug my dog more.
Because sometimes you just have to.


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