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Monday, 14 January 2013

Greetings from the end of the world!

Hello! The post title might seem a bit of an odd choice, but I live in Scotland and it's pissing rain here.

I've decided to take up blogging! My posts here will probably be outfit posts, opinions, crafts and daily life blogging, because I jump about too much to maintain just one focus point. if you so choose to follow me, expect this and more as I document my mistakes and successes as I begin adult life as a goth, a medical student, a craft enthusiast, a sister and a daughter and an independent human being.

Anyway, onto a brief summary about myself -

  • My name is Fee.
  • I am a generalised odd person from Glasgow, Scotland, where everyone exists in a permanent state of heroin-heightened existential despair and carries knifes.* I love my city.
  • I am in the process of completing a medical degree in Dundee. I am not particularly fond of Dundee and miss Glasgow and my dog, but they do have a fantastic degree program here so I won't complain too much. 
  • I have a tumblr, where I may cross post some of my blogging, but I wouldn't recommend following me as it's all 'ASDFGHJKL' fangirl posting and a constant spamming of bats, pretty clothing and really, fantastically bad jokes.
  • My music tastes tend towards the stereotypical goth and punk bands, but I delight in finding newer or less well known artists I also like. Not so much for hipsterdom, just because I am attracted to shiny new things, build nests and regrow my black and white plumage in the spring. 
  • I like making clothes, jewellery and other assorted crafty things, but, as a gamer might put it, I am a bit of a n00b in these areas so don't expect wonders of a costume design student level. 
  •  As with the above crafting, I dabble in everything but specialise in nothing.
  • I get kind of irritated by sexism, but that probably shouldn't be an odd thing (See: You Know You Live In A Patriarchy When Feminism Has Bad Connotations).

All the rest you can glean from my profile. The title of this blog might change at some point, but the URL should probably remain the same. Ta ta for now!

Oh god the hair.


* note: this is a joke. I'm not very good at them.

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