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Friday, 5 August 2016

STYLE: Sportswear Elegance

When it first came around I swore to high heaven that I didn't get athleisure, in the same way that I didn't get normcore or why some people really love putting olives in their mouths. I liked it on other people certainly (Ivania Carpio of LOVE AESTHETICS comes to mind), but I always thought that I just didn't do the kind of casual that it seems to embody. However, it somehow managed to slink into my wardrobe nonetheless, the same way brothel creepers, 90s looks, and all those other trends I swore that I'd never wear did.

It started off when I decided to get my exercise by walking to university everyday, a 40 minute trek which my usual boots and brogues rapidly proved not to be up to the challenge of. Enter a pair of innocent looking sketchers, black and white to match the rest of my wardrobe. I started to like the unexpected twist they added to my outfits, and they made me think of health goth trends as well as  some of Rick Owens' stuff. It's definitely goth if it looks like Rick Owens, right? (I was already weakening.)

The second nail in the coffin came in the form of a bomber jacket which my local swing dance society started selling back in spring. I'm not usually one for screen-printed merchandise, but it was retro, non-threatening, and displayed a little society pride. What harm could it do?

I ended up wearing it everywhere for about two weeks straight. Turns out sport influences can get dangerously addictive.

This recent change of heart also has a more practical benefit; I'm constantly on the go, and sportswear as everyday wear means the way I dress matches my lifestyle. Obviously I can't totally cut out the overdresser in me, and I got this dress in a New Look sale about a year ago and first wore it with these trainers for dinner in Budapest, adding the jacket when I got back. It's got some strong Bardot vibes, which call for cat's eyes, but paring it with trainers means I can wear it more casually (and thus more often, the goal of everyone who doesn't like cutting down on clothes).  Remember the awkward days when I used to wear Victoriana casually? God, me neither.


I know that this isn't s relevant to the topic of the post, but I'd like to say thanks to those of you who commented on my last post about my difficulties with blogging. It was touching knowing that people out there are willing to stick with my online exercise in vanity through thick and thin, and just getting it out there got a lot of my frustrations off my chest. 

Anyway, with that said, is anyone else liking the athleisure trend? Has anyone tried something that they didn't originally like and change their mind? Let me know below!



  1. Style should be a body constantly in motion. I firmly believe that it's wise, healthy and beneficial to continually flex our sartorial muscles and try things that are out of our usual fashion sphere. They might not all stick, and some will be little more than brief flashes in the pan, but each can help us to expand our look and, yet, at the same time, fine tune our personal style all the more. It's wonderful that athleisure wear has been doing just that for you lately.

    Many hugs & happy mid-summer wishes,
    ♥ Jessica


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