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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

DIY: 4 projects for your to do list

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Now that I’m fully settled back into my academic course and Dundee, the way I spend my time has gradually moved from marathoning episodes of Teen Wolf to ward shifts and socialising (a.k.a. adult life). I do actually appreciate it, as I’m ready to start back at medicine and see friends again, but I forgot what it’s like having no time, at all. Still, even if I can’t find the time to actually do them I’ve been dreaming of all the new projects I want to start.

My recent DIY interests have tended a lot towards interior design, as I’m currently decorating my new flat and remembering that decorating is expensive. I collect knickknacks the same way other people breathe, but there’s a lot of empty wall space for someone who is too skint for the picture framers – I realized that I have quite a few rolls of electrical tape though, and wondered about making a mural out of it, maybe in the shape of a stag’s head or more abstract geometry like the above pre-made one from Urban Outfitters. I also recently got a new/second hand desk (thanks, Uncle John), which (having been reading The Interior DIYer’s post) I might cover with some contact paper so it better matches the furniture the flat came with; contact paper and electrical tape are both perfect DIY tools for the renter, as they won't mark and can be changed whenever I feel like an update.

It’s probably no surprise that I own a couple of veils already, but it probably is that I don’t own a true bird cage one – I really like the vintage feel they lend to all outfits, but all of mine are actually attached to hats. Most DIYs I’ve found for this are on wedding blogs like this double clipped version, but you’d better believe that mine is going to be black and firmly everyday wear. For the coming months, I actually really like this vintage babushka pattern, but I’m so woefully inept at knitting I feel like it might be a daydream project for now. Experienced knitters, any advice? 

Is anyone else looking forward to future DIY projects? Can anyone train me up in knitting, please? Hopefully I'll be posting all my projects on instagram when I finish, so keep an eye for them on there! 


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