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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Articles I love: January

I've been reading some really good articles recently, interspersed with slaving over ethics applications and reminding myself how great Sandman is. Since coming home from the blessed tv and newspaper-free environment of my flat, conventional news platforms have been somewhat... jarring to return to, so I've been mostly looking off-grid for new perspectives as opposed to current events. Anyone who's been keeping track of my style and queer-culture interests know that I'm fascinated by femme identity, and it's probably even less surprising that I've been reading about Rick Owens like he's my teenage heartthrob. There's also some sobering statistics there too, so stay #woke.

Thus far the new year has started as a productive success, even with dissertation wobblers and the gradual realization that a month of merriment hasn't been quite so kind to my fitness levels. After some outside advice I've realized that, though not entirely my own fault, I need to be more aware of my own limitations as a researcher, and also get a move on. Deadlines wait for no one, bitch.

Has anyone else been reading anything interesting lately? How have your new years been going? Let me know below!

Fiona C.


  1. Fascinating reads one and all. Thank you very much for sharing. The piece on the contents of one's handbag made me wonder, if it hasn't been done so already, that is, if perhaps a project/book couldn't be centered around (much as similar looks at peoples' diets and homes) what was in a person's purse with examples from a wide range of countries/cultures couldn't be vastly interesting. I know I'd certainly cue up to buy that book!

    Wishing you an excellent January,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I think the photographer mentioned in the piece did a project on handbag contents, but it would be good to see the results of it.

  2. I find news shocking too, so much death and misery in the world!

    Some interesting looking articles there!

    1. It is depressing viewing at the best of times; it mostly just makes me angry now, seeing how biased reporting is.

      I hope you enjoy reading them!

  3. Not a lot energy to read these days (except from blogs) but I got some new books that are waiting patiently for a better reading-mood :-D those articles you linked to sound interesting though!

    1. I know the feeling - I spend all my time reading research papers currently, so the impulse to read anything else has died a bit. Articles are a nice medium ground, though.


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