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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Obsession: Phryne Fisher

Happy belated winter solstice, everyone! Are we enjoying the marginally longer day today? I've definitely got the new year feeling strong, even if I'm several days early by Gregorian standards.

I've made good again this year on my belief that winter is for hibernating and productivity, and now that all my Christmas preparation is out the way I have time to binge on some pop culture and start Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. One season in and I'm furious that I was so slow to pick up on this gem, but I'd explode if I didn't share the feelings on here; there's a reason I've been raving about it to anyone who stops moving for long enough.

Set in 1920s Melbourne, the show is the latest in a grand tradition of period sleuths solving baffling murders, and whilst it can be a bit over the top it's very charming in doing so. Lord knows I love a lady detective, and Phryne Fisher is no exception - she's the image of a twenties transgressive flapper, who flies planes, wears trousers, and benignly schools all the men around her - all whilst holding a mother-of-pearl revolver and looking utterly flawless. Truly, an inspiration for us all.

And can we talk about her wardrobe? I know I'm keen for art deco, but I've been salivating over every single shot of her hair pieces - not to mention her coats. Having now looked into this, the costume team used a mix of reproduction wear, vintage, and specially made pieces to create about 120 costumes for the show, and a new goal for my own closet. It's sumptuously decadent to the point of being unreal, but it makes for great inspiration.

Given this is the last post before Christmas, I hope all my readers have a great time over the holidays, regardless of what your plans are - rest, recuperate, and I'll see you for An Honest Drug's retrospective just before the new year!

Do you have any on-screen idols who you'd love to have the wardrobe of? Any things you're keen to do over the holidays? Let me know in the comments below!

Fiona C.


  1. seems like a cool show and the costumes seem fabulous! I don't really watch much tv, but I do love the GoT costumes.

    1. I don't really either, but I stumbled upon this in Netflix and got pretty hooked. I wish I could have kept GoT up!

  2. I keep hearing so much about this show from so many people whose taste seem similar to mine.
    I have it in my queue now... but still haven't touched it. Perhaps now that I'm finished with American Horror Story (which I'm on the fence about still even after finishing all available seasons), I shall get it started.
    The samples I've seen of her wardrobe definitely seem extraordinarily decadent for the era, but I can suspend my disbelief if for the sake of eye candy too!

    1. Everyone says the same about AHS; I'm too easily spooked to try it, but I definitely recommend this. In the costume department's defense she is a disgustingly rich heiress, so I guess it's only a little bit embellished.

  3. I adore her, and her wardrobe!

    I love that Phryne is a rich but grew up poor so she really appreciates the things she has even more because of it, and also cares about the working class!

    1. She's the most benevolent rich person I've ever seen? I wish all filthy rich heiresses were like her.


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