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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Christmas Wishlist: Bare Essentials

Although it's now December, between exams and dissertation work I haven't had the mental space to start feeling festive (or post on here, oops). Nonetheless, I've been listening to some appropriate music, stressing about present shopping, and searching for gift suggestions.

I feel like the older I get the less I actually want, but I always need some basics and investments. I've been interested in adding more foundation pieces to my wardrobe since finally getting Kiss Me Deadly's Van Doren Suspender Belt (which has exceeded all expectations as an everyday piece, and comes with the An Honest Drug recommendation for sure), though not all of them are 100% purely practical. And who doesn't ask for something woolly and cable knit at Christmas? Add a cup of tea and a good book, and I'm all set.

What's everyone else secretly looking at for themselves this holiday? Any festive music suggestions for the perpetually noel-phobic? Let me know below!

Fiona C.


  1. The flight cap looks amazing as does the bound version of The Sandman! Loving the new profile pic! (unless it's not that new and I am just forgetful, lol!)

    1. Yeah, I've had my eye on the flight cap for ages now, but keep chickening out whenever I go to order it. Thank you!

  2. Great list - that tea sounds absolutely marvelous. I'm such a fan of anything lavender flavour/scented (really, most edible flowers).

    Have a beautiful festive season,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I first had it in a tea room in Glasgow, and whilst I doubt I'll be able to make it as well it's really lovely. Hope you've had a good holiday too!


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