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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Beacon Collection by Warby Parker

A fact I don't actually think I've shared on this blog: I wear glasses. Not particularly often, as my prescription isn't very strong, and I live in constant fear of losing them. Spectacles are grossly over-expensive. I tend to dislike eyewear brands for this reason, but I'll make an exception for Warby Parker; combined with their generous home try-on option and actually reasonable pricing, their 'Buy a Pair, Give a Pair' campaign has seen them train over 18,000 men and women to provide prescription eyeglasses, and have helped provide over one million glasses in developing countries. Also, their eyewear is quite attractive.

Garret glasses.

Warby Parker contacted me to asking if I could help spread news about the release of their new Beacon Collection, which they state is inspired by 'impromptu, can't-duplicate-them all-nighters'; this, combined with the more vintage shapes, is probably aimed at the glasses wearing Portland set, but the frames are distinctly wearable and will appeal to a far wider audience.

Ingram sunglasses.

If I sound flippant, please forgive me; I am incredibly honored that Warby Parker wanted my blog as one of a select few to get the news out, and the eyeglasses are gorgeous. The very clear and well thought out concepts of the collection is replicated in the individual design of the frame styles; I like the creativity in colour choice, and would love to try styling these into my own aesthetic; measurements, a virtual try on option and suggestions on what face shapes they would suit are also included as well as the home try on to overcome the limitations of online shopping. It was hard picking my favourites.

Alas, I really don't need new glasses. But I can still look wistfully.

McKee glasses (also available in a clear colourless finish, which I adore).

The full Beacon Collection can be found here on the Warby Parker site; all opinions are my own, images provided by Warby Parker. Is anyone else a fan of Warby Parker? Any style you would you consider getting?



  1. I keep looking for glasses with frames that match my aesthetic - I'm too far into Romantic Goth for wide rimmed glasses as are fashionable right now. When thin metallic rims were in, I could at least find something approximating, but what I really want are some old fashioned half-moon glasses with fancy arms!

    1. I image that I'd look daft in half moons; I like vintage shapes because there's a greater variety of shapes that suit me, but if you prefer more romantic styles go for it!

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