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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Wardrobe Feature: Buckled Winklepickers

I'm well overdue to do a piece of jewellery in my wardrobe feature, but I'm that happy with my new boots that I can't even express it.

A friend of mine swears by a rule for expensive purchases; if it's not in the sale, it's not meant to be. That logic actually applied for this purchase; I saw these boots in Office back in November, but as they were over £80 I decided to wait and see. Then, lo and behold, they were in the sale at the end of the year for half price.

I decided to include these as my first wardrobe feature of the year for a few reasons - as stated, I absolutely love them, and as my first purchase for the new year they represent my wish to fill my wardrobe with things I've fallen head over heels for. They also hark back to the trad goth style I love and want to infuse my wardrobe with, so you'll certainly be seeing a few outfits featuring these.


P.s. I just got 5,000 views, you guys! Thanks a bunch!


  1. I love them! And congratulations! I'm still looking out for a pair of Winklepickers myself but I'm far too obsessed with thigh high boots at the moment.

    1. Thanks! Hmm, I like thigh high boots, but I have a suspicion they would look ridiculous on me.

  2. Congratulations! Much like Sary, I'm still searching for a good pair of Winklepickers. Yours look fantastic. :)

    (Also--I'm loving your url. She's In Parties recently became one of my favourite songs.)

    1. Aww, thank you! I tend to find charity shops have lots of winklepickers, but I have such difficulty getting shoes that I have to take them when I see them.

      Thanks! I'm worried that I might have to change it, as a Dutch musician has a popular album by the same name. :/


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