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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Cooler: Jazz and Victory Rolls

As I've previously mentioned, I'm completely enamoured with the 1920s right now. They weren't the decade I was initially drawn to when I started experimenting with vintage fashion (more so the popular forties and fifties looks), but after seriously looking into them and giving them a go I really want more Jazz Age class in my life and wardrobe.

However, a return to later years was in order, as my university's union hosted its twice yearly big band jazz event, the Cooler. This was a lot less packed than the Great Gatsby night, with more of a focus of sitting and appreciating the live music, but as ever my swing society teamed up with Big Band to steal the floor and practice our dancing. And, of course, I didn't miss an opportunity to dress up.

I love this photo. I'm dressed as though I should be planning WI meetings, and my faux fringe is all over the place, but I was having the time of my life. I've been preferring blues dancing to swing recently for its simplicity, but when I actually manage to stop fretting about how crap I am and how few moves I know it's magic. Ben was wearing all red (because why not?), and his new cravat I got him for his birthday - in a day time knot, scandalously.

My dress got a lot of compliments - people are so sweet! - and it was fabulous when I was spun (though not for Charleston - petticoats are never a good idea with Charleston, which certainly lines up with the flapper aesthetic), but other than victory rolls, which I hate doing, it was a very low effort outfit - which is actually the philosophy I want to apply to my wardrobe. Although it was fun dressing up and standing out, it was forgotten when the dancing started, and I want to come to a place where I can look good in what I'm wearing but also forget about it when I'm having fun. Maybe that's wanting to have my cake and eat it too, but whilst I love standing out, I've had times where I've overly fretful about fashion and overthink it, and end up not enjoying myself partly as a result of it. And cake is delicious, so I might as well eat it.


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