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Monday, 1 July 2013

Wardrobe Feature: Birthday Bat Necklace

It's wardrobe feature time! I've not been keeping up with this at all, but I've been given so many pieces of jewellery and clothing, and have many more with personal associations that I do want to share them (and say thanks, I suppose).

This piece was a gift for my eighteenth birthday from one of my best friends Elena, and was my first genuinely gothic piece of jewellery (homemade stuff not included). As is probably obvious I am rather obsessed with bats, so this was absolutely perfect. Bats tend to be popular with goth because of their association with witchcraft, vampires and the night in European mythology, but for me their connection is through their duality; as well as being associated with death, decay, deceit and destruction, they are considered lucky in Poland, a symbol of happiness in China (I've been meaning to get some china with bats on it), and are sacred in Tonga. I tend to see bats at dusk, the turning point of twilight into the night. For me, goth is all about the interplay of beauty and ugliness, which I suppose you can see in the graceful flight of what is culturally regarded as an ugly creature.

Oh hai chin.
Mine is from local Glasgow goth shop Osiris, but a quick internet search reveals lots of these. The chain on mine is slightly too long, but every time I mean to fix it I always forget. Ah well.

BONUS: this is what I wear around the house when I actually remember that I'm supposed to be an eyeliner clad mistress of the night -

Oooh yeah, hiking socks and too small footless tights. So rock and roll.

See you all soon!



  1. So lovely! I do love bats!
    I got my first bat tattoos at 20 as a symbol of flight and freedom from a terrible break up. Now I've added more bats to my collection, but it's because they make me happy. :)

    1. They are wonderful wee things - I suppose I associate them with freedom too, with staying up late watching them dart about and catch insects. They make me very happy as well. :)

  2. I think your necklace is just beautiful and I agree with you on the duality of the animals. They are detested by so many people, but yet they move themselves so gracefully and they can be so cute that that alone makes them really special.


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