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Saturday, 29 June 2013

June Blog Round Up

As you've probably noticed, I am terrible at sticking to my blogging guns during term time. I was planning a relatively strict blogging schedule of monthly wardrobe features, link posts and other things, but it rather fell by the way side in the face of, you know, passing my exams.

None the less I intend to prepare early for next semester by queuing up plenty of posts, and getting back into the habit of blogging by schedule. So without further ado, here's my round up of June links!

  • Meagan over at Coffin Kitsch posted about the amazing Etsy Shop Carousel Ink, which I could almost kill her for, as despite being absolutely skint, I know that I'm going to buy something from there, very soon. :P
  • My favourite post of Sophistique Noir's Red and Black Week was surprisingly the most unexpected; The Curious Professor Z blogged on the last day of the week about the cicadas which spring up every 17 years in Staten Island to mate and die off (link not for the bug phobic).
  • Mary Rose of The Everyday Goth posted this month about one of my favourite artistic movements, Art Nouveau, and how you can incorporate it into your outfits. 
  • Sary Walrus at The Walrus Room is starting a series of interviews with plus size goth bloggers about their experience within the scene - I'm really excited for this, as it's a topic that has only recently started to be addressed and like she says, you can never have too much body positivity. 
  • On a related note, Natalie at Gothy Two Shoes posted a list of plus size online clothing stores and her experiences there of. One to add to if you have your own experiences of buying plus size fashion. :)

Until the next post!


P.S. If you're feeling like film and video game reviews with more snark than there is in a Lewis Carrol poem, my fluffy haired compatriot Ben (mentioned briefly in this post) has started up his own blog, I should be paying attention to this lecture. Just don't listen to a word he says about me.


  1. Oooh, thanks for the mention! I'm really glad you're looking forward to the interviews. :3

    1. Not a problem! I definitely am - will be watching my feed for them popping up. :)

  2. I just thought I'd drop by and let you know I tagged you in something :)

    1. Many thanks for the tag! I'll be posting it shortly. :)


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