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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

White Snapdragons

I was talking to a friend about my favourite flowers a few days ago (alstroemerias, unusual orchids, and sunflowers - I love irises, but not half as much as how Van Gogh paints them), which got me thinking about what favourite flowers are. In true polyamorous fashion, I love all flowers - there's few I wouldn't decorate my house with - but favourite flowers are something you expect the important people in your life to know. It's a weirdly specific and personal preference. 

Black has traditionally been my favourite colour for flora; aside from the goth cred, they look ridiculously luxurious and rich, even if they are inbred. But this week, in the conclusion of an epic saga that has lasted over six months, John Lewis caved and sent my mother a bouquet by way of apology for the faulty sofas they delivered her. Along with over £1,000 of reimbursement, but I still don't understand how she managed to haggle that. 

Along with some stalk (good), lots of baby's breath (better), and plenty greenery (best), there was few stalks of white snapdragon that are a delight to touch; the knobbly, unopened buds feels like peach fuzz. They're pretty too - a perfectly tapered shape, with interestingly formed flowers. 

Plus, how terrifying are these seed pods? I should listen to myself and use white more often. 

What's your favourite flower? Do you like botany as deliriously as me? Let me know below!

Fiona C. 


  1. The word "antirrhinum" is derived from Greek to mean "like a nose" most likely referring to the nose-like capsule. If you weren't aware, it makes your second photo even better.

    I almost always have some snapdragons in my garden although in my climate they're annuals so I don't get to see the cool pods.

    I get very excited watching my hibiscus grow in the garden because it smarts so small and ends up nearly 8 feet when it's finished like a magical beanstalk :D

    1. Oh, I knew - I did four years of latin at school! It didn't occur to me when I was taking the photo, though. I'd love to try growing them, but I don't have a proper garden of my own.

  2. If you dry them, they look like human skulls. Google it

    1. Yup, that's what the link at the bottom is - it's actually the seed pods.

  3. Wow, these are lovely! I do like white, especially black and white although I can't really wear it I worry about getting it dirty! Black is more relaxing, ha ha!


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