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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Dundee Art and Design Degree Show 2015

A quick clearing of the throat to share how I've been spending my time. This friday, I went straight from finding out that I'd passed my exams (huzzah!) to the DJCAD degree show, to see what the art students have been up to for the past four years, and try to avoid spilling free wine on the exhibits.

Warning: images containing nudity below the break. 

Left photo: mine. Right: property of Sarah Marshall

I'm sure it's said this every year, but I really think the standard has never been higher. From knitwear designed to look like microbes to scannable subdermal microchips, from a perfectly shot noir story in clay of a gay PI to Lucie Rachel's deeply affecting story of a transgender parent, the variety was incredible. I spent three out of the past four days at the show and still failed to see everything, only resurfacing when tired and thoroughly dehydrated - suffering for my art in the most literal sense, I suppose.

Wouldn't it have been intelligent to take note of the artist's names? Yes it would. 
There were some common themes, however; Aedan Allan's exploration of ritual and occult, and Calum MacGillivray's return to childhood fears of the forest were some of many exploring the canniness of nature, and decay and damage were seen in jewelry as well as fine art.

It's unfortunate that I didn't have my DSLR to better document my favorite pieces, but you can see a brief summary of all the graduate's work here, or if you're in the area the degree show will be continuing until friday, and you can see them for yourself.

All images mine unless otherwise stated. 

Fiona C.


  1. Congratulations and thanks for sharing these stunning pictures!

    1. Thank you! I'm really chuffed, and even more so for all the art students.

  2. From what i can see it looks great! I loved my friend's grad show2 years ago but I was sick for the one last year. Msybe I will make it next time a friend graduates. So many of my friends have been to art school!

    1. I am secretly, in my heart, an art student? I've been doing lots of art recently, I've been so inspired!


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