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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Two month Catch-Up

Oh my - has it really been a month since I last posted? And two since I posted regularly? A holiday was taken, it seems.


Apologies to everyone for the unexplained absence; I must admit that with university life, blogging fell by the wayside. It's good to see that the internet world moves on without me - keeps my ego in check.

Nonetheless, thank you to those of you who asked where I've been; I do have answers! I've been doing a lot of this -

I could post a video featuring lots of aerials and fast footwork, but the reality is most of the dancing we do is social. 
Which, in some ways, is much nicer. 

Some of this - 

Pastel, A4. Accepting name suggestions (The Uncaped Crusader currently in the lead).

And unfortunately this - 

It's not all bad; I got to study psychiatry this year, which reaffirmed my desire to specialize in the field.

Other events which I don't have photos for - becoming a god-auntie, Rocky Horror Party Mark II (photos were taken, but apparently they were so awful the camera actually broke before I could download them), authorship of an introductory guide to womenswear of the 1920s, the purchase of my first corset, and attendance at the Edinburgh Welcome to Nightvale live show.


What's been happening in internet land, however? 

- Viktoria Modesta, who I wrote a feature on a few months ago, has paired up with Channel 4 in their campaign 'Born Risky' to promote her new single Prototype. I wish her the best of luck!
- That gum you like is coming back in style.
- One of my favourite bloggers and artists, Eliza Gauger, officially left the internet this month. Fortunately, she's still running Problem Glyphs, and you can keep up to date with her via her newsletter.


Now that I'm back, I hope to be back for good; I probably won't be posting much over the December period on account of a certain revamped Pagan celebration, but I'm hoping to write more for the new year. Due to previously mentioned camera problems, although I have plenty to shoot there won't be any personal fashion on here until that particular issue is solved, but expect plenty more. 

Happy holidays to all, and have a good new year!

Fiona C. 


  1. It's good to have you back, kid.

    1. Son, you are younger than me. What is this 'kid' business.

  2. Having a life outside blogging is always a good thing ;) good to have you back and happy holidays!

    1. Definitely! I needed a break from both writing and reading blogs, but I was beginning to miss it. Happy holidays to you too!

  3. Sounds really busy indeed! Viktoria Modesta is awesome although I am not really into pop music.

    Wow, Eliza is an amazing artist!

    1. I have been, yeah! I actually like a lot of pop, particularly when it's used subversively.

      Her stuff is really great - very varied in style and medium too, and she's great inspiration to keep making art.


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