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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Consumerist Wants: Pay Day Dreams

We always want what we can't have, and right now that means clothes. I'm currently working full time doing manual labour, so wearing anything other than old t shirts and shorts is a far off dream. The plus side to this, however, is that I now have cash to buy all the impractical PVC pencil skirts and hats that I could possibly want, and considering everyone seems to be posting their summer wish lists I thought that I might share mine.

Large brimmed sun hat

This one is from Topshop, but quite honestly it's not big enough. I need a brim that looks more like an umbrella. It feels like I can't find a plain black sun hat in this style anywhere, which coupled with my rather sizeable head circumference means this seems far more difficult than it needs to be. Suggestions are definitely welcome!


Restyle leather harness

I'm currently on the fence about whether or not I should just make this, but as I don't have the tools or skills necessary to work with leather I'm a little unsure. It's a really nice style, however, and I could clip/pin chiffon panels to it to make a DIY version of this Gypsy Warrior skirt. Also on the buckled front, I desperately need a few new black belts (I'd particularly like one with O rings on it), but I haven't seen anything like what I'm looking for.


Missguided Mircia PVC Pencil Skirt in Black

That's a lie. I also want it in silver, so I can do space goth. And maybe baby pink. Basically I will take all of the colours they make.


Man, this is an original one. I'm not really regarding this as top of my list right now, but I'm after a few more drapey kimonos now that they're being stocked. Sadly, most of the kimonos I've seen don't have sleeves to my taste; I'm awfully picky about this, and would prefer a larger sleeve more like a traditional kimono (though my knowledge of Japanese traditional clothing is very basic, so correct me if wrong).

The list is actually smaller than I thought it was going to be, as with my summer 100 DIY challenge (which sadly hasn't been seeing much action recently) I've been really evaluating about what I should be buying and what I really don't need to (plus, I should really be using my wages to foot the bill for so many projects). Some of the DIY projects I'm keen to do are a clear PVC skater skirt, a decorated backpack and finishing my hand muff, as well as several sigil type artworks based on scots faerytales. So whilst I may not get to wear all of my fancy clothes yet, my sewing machine will be whirring away and my pencils worn to stubs by September.

All images from sites linked to above. Are you saving up for anything currently? Are there any craft projects you'd really like to see? Let me know below!



  1. I feel like as soon as I get one thing off my wishlist another takes its place. But I like you're list (I little too much for my own wallet). That PVC Skirt has been on my gaze for a while but I'm not sure I could pull it off!

    1. Guilty as charged; I've been trying to seriously evaluate if an item is worthwhile when I spot it, lest I fall into the 'GIMME GIMME GIMME' cycle of fast fashion (this is something I find difficult, as I because I enjoy dressing it can get boring if I don't introduce new elements from time to time, but the drive to constantly buy is repulsive to me). On the plus side, I feel like I've built up a decent working wardrobe now, and I've managed to cut my wish list down to pieces I know that I'll wear lots and don't mind investing in.

      I am so keen for PVC pencil skirts! Pencil skirts are one of my favourite shapes.

  2. Yep, I always want what I can't have too! I would like a flowy type garment like that kimono but I'd have to be able to try it on in real life to make sure it didn't overwhelm me too much because I don't look good in all loose things.

    1. I must admit that I prefer trying things on in person, particularly if it's shoes or I've never shopped there before. Pro-tip - if you're wanting a kimono on the cheap, cut a large scarf down the middle for a DIY kimono.

  3. I tried on a Topshop wide-brimmed hat, and it was a) roomy even on my large noggin, and b) the brim was actually quite wide in person, and actually shady. However, I think it was £28 and that is far too much money for me to go spending on a hat. There'll probably be something cheaper on eBay, especially secondhand.

    The harness is awesome :D

    1. Hmm - I've not had much luck in Topshop for size or brim; their products don't seem to be particularly good quality anyway, but I do have a giftcard. I saw one in claires, but it had a scarf stuck to it.

      I know!


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