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Thursday, 26 June 2014

June Round Up

It's weird to me that June is nearly over; with university finishing and Sophistique Noir's Red and Black Week, it's the busiest blogging month.

On An Honest Drug this month, I moved to a four day blogging schedule, which has proved more difficult than expected, but not impossible. I've also added a new social network in the form of Instagram to my Facebook, Twitter and Google+, increasing the number of places you can see selfies, dog photos and snapshots of my life which you don't get on this blog. Something else that you can find on my Instagram and Facebook is my progress towards my One Summer, One Hundred Crafts challenge, which everyone is gleefully reminding me is an insurmountable task - something that makes me want to do it even more, as much as I agree with them.

Elsewhere on the web -

  • Something I've not talked about on the blog before; I am very interested in stage make up, and was part of the make up team for stage productions in school. Haute Macabre recently posted images from "A Complete Guide to Special Effects Make Up' that reminds me of why I love it so.
  • Gothic Charm School celebrates its five years publishing anniversary, still in print and still one of the best resources for an introduction to goth out there.
  • Though I remain steadfastly interested in equality and feminist discourse, this article on A Thousand Flowers highlights very well some of the problems within feminism; for the record, I am vehemently against transphobic sentiments, and this blog will reflect that.
  • On the lighter side of things, I love Good Morning, Angel's instagram round up - particularly her pearl make up and her PVC skirt. If someone can tell me where to get a skirt like that, I will be a very happy camper.
  •  Whether you're still suffering withdrawal from the demise of Flappy Bird or have a deep affection for all things Lovecraftian, The Pop Culture Cynic offers something for all in the form of Flapthulhu.
  • Finally, though 'job' to me currently means shorts, old t shirts and getting a fright when frogs hop out of plants unexpectedly, Victorian Kitty of Sophistique Noir remains my number one favourite for darkly elegant work wear.

Next post is on the first of next month, when An Honest Drug will be back with the monthly wardrobe feature!



  1. Thanks for the feature!
    The skirt is from Missguided, but you can get the same kind from eBay or Bank fashion :)

    1. No problem! I'll be sure to check them out.


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