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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Wardrobe Feature: Leather satchel

I don't usually follow most fashion 'rules' - they tend to apply to a more conservative style than my own, and I'm mystified by the reasoning behind most. Why do I need a certain list of wardrobe essentials? Why should I listen to a rule as subjective as 'don't wear hosiery with heels'?

The one rule I have always stood by is mixing brown and black leather. Yet, paradoxically, it's also the rule which I break on a daily basis. What gives?

I was saddened on my last trip back to Glasgow to see that Bag & Baggage, a family run business selling quality leather goods, luggage and footwear, had retired after over forty years in business. Normally such a shop would be out of my price range, but to congratulate me on getting into university my godmother had promised to get me a quality bag to last me my five year degree.

Two years later and despite near constant use, the bag I got then barely displays its age, and has more than proven worth the investment. I don't want to preach that people should always pay more for quality, as although it's worth it in the long run many people can't afford to do so (as stated in 'Vime's Theory of Socioeconomic Unfairness' by Terry Pratchett), and price doesn't always equal quality (Topshop springs to mind).

I was featured in the Dundee Courier's street style section last month (I was misquoted and compared to one of the Olsen twins, so not too well inclined to them), and one of the aspects of the encounter was what got me thinking about this. I'd always been worried since getting my satchel about how the brown bag looks next to my very black outfits and shoes, and motioned to move it out of sight when the photographer was going to take the photo. She stopped me, however. "Leave it in." she said, "it looks good."

And on reflection, it does. Another example of arbitrary rules being pointless in real life.



  1. It's a nice looking bag, the leather looks good. I like the slightly worn look, it shows it is quality and has stood the test of time! Two years and still going strong!

    My main criteria for a bag is I should just be able to jam a book, tiny umbrella, waterbottle, wallet and phone in but it shouldn't be too big or heavy. I am thinking of getting a cheap canvas bag and printing a steampunky or faery design on it, but I have so many unfinished projects at the moment!

    1. Thank you! It's incredibly sturdy, and can take a laptop on top of all those things. I tend to be wary of buying cheap bags now, after so many cases of them beginning to show the wear after 6 months of intensive use. I fully support personalisation, though!

  2. I've never thought of the fashion rules lots of people spout as rules. I see them more as options that I can look through until I find something that makes me go "Ah, yes. That sounds perfect." Because everyone's rules are different it's more like opinion.

    1. They can certainly be useful advice, but they don't apply to every individual or situation. If anything, it's a fun challenge to try and break them and come up with something that still looks good.


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