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Thursday, 29 May 2014

May Roundup

May (the merry month of) has been a contrast between hard graft and relaxed arts; my exams finished (and were passed!), and I've spent the month following toying with casting, printing and painting on my SSC. I've not been diligent in keeping up with reading blogs, but nonetheless there's been plenty on my dashboard worthy of feature.

  • I love seeing people's hair stories; my hair has been pretty boring for the most part with no dyeing or unusual cuts, but Stacey of Aesthetic Contradiction has had a fantastic and colourful history.
  • Though I may have hosted a Rocky Horror party of epic proportions last night (pictures soon), my life is still nowhere near as glamorous as Anna and her DJ and club looks.  
  • Though not published this month, I love this tutorial by Monoxious on how to do your own thorn bracelet.
  • Are any of my readers facing grey hair imminently? Nikkon Sixx is beginning a series on Haute Macabre looking at how to rebel and show the grey.
  • Also on the mature goth thread, Victorian Kitty of Sophistique Noir looks at elegant gothic style for cool weather.
  • Finally, for the literature fans, Moth of Moth Mouth writes about her new, very gothic book, The Empire of Death. Birthday wish list? Absolutely.

See you all in June! I will be taking part in Sophistique Noir's Red and Black Week, so normal posting is suspended for that period.



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